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Offers Free
Version 1.1
Developer ThumpNugget Games
Category Games, Puzzle
ID com.thumpnugget.BizzleAndroid
Requirements 1.6 and up

Bizzle Pro 1.1 APK description

Bizzle is a game with no enemies, no time limits, and no overall scoring.. There are no hidden objects to discover and never a need to match three of anything. Unlike many of the popular games these days there is no physics engine in Bizzle because there is enough physics is real life. The game features you, a very simple set of rules, and puzzles to solve. Start the game, press the PLAY button and Bizzle will guide you as you learn to play... Bizzle isn't just casual gaming, it lackadaisical gaming.. "On the beach, in a hammock sipping a cool drink" gaming.

Each level in Bizzle provides a challenge. The first few levels the challenges can best be described as "not so much." After playing them you will dismiss them as child's play, shake your head back and forth, and maybe even give out a barely audible "ppff! piece of cake".. Over confidence will overtake you at this point and you will brag to the person siting next to you on the plane that by the time it lands in Schenectady you will have this game all wrapped up..

By level 15 you will feel challenged... Before level thirty you will feel like throwing your device at least once.. By the time level forty rolls around you will shudder each time a new level pops up showing yet another new seemingly impossible challenge.. Muttering will be heard with phrases like "brain buster." You will think back longingly about your non-solved Rubik's cube sitting on your desk at work and wax poetic about simpler puzzles from days gone by.. So simple and yet so not. So if you are in the Bizzle target audience (i.e. you have an android device and a dollar - though I'm not a stickler on the fist part) click on that purchase button and do more than just admire Bizzle screen shots from afar..

Don't just take my word for it, read what some of my highly compensated testers had to say:

"You finished making that game? Guess I owe Jon 10 bucks" - Robert Winkler

"Don't take this the wrong way but have you thought about hiring a graphics artist?" - Lee Gaupp

"ummm... hmmm... Let me see it when it's finished.. Oh! It is finished! Well OK then" - My brother

"Good first effort! I'm sure the next game will be good.. I mean better!" - Jon Williams

"I fell asleep 10 minutes in but I don't recall seeing anything TECHNICALLY wrong" - Wes Horn

"Do people actually play games like this?" - My mom

"Yeah great, if your not too busy could you take a look at this trouble ticket that came in??" - Wayne Lenz

"The level select looks a little.... Oh wait.. it looks that way on purpose?" - Harvey London

"Brilliant design! I couldn't put the phone down!" - Yeah ok, that was me.

"Is that an Atari 2600 emulator? That's impressive!" - Tyler McNair
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Latest change log:

- Added a small "loading" graphic during game initialization

- multiple players can now moved at the same time, if two players are moving they will pass through each other

- Added a small effect/sound for when two players pass through each other and for when a player is pushed against a wall(or another player) without moving.

- Removed the "quit" button