Blackr - AMOLED Screen Off APK

Blackr - AMOLED Screen Off
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Blackr simulates a locked screen like state over any app, and does not stop them from running. Simple and smart design makes it very easy and convenient to use. No internet permission and no ads ever!

App Feature List:
- Keep app running and screen essentially off.
- Run app using notification, floating icon, quick tile or widgets.
- Highly customizable design.
- View date, time, and battery percentage.
- Disable device from sleeping.
- Very small app size and highly efficient.
- No internet permission & no ads!

Runs great on devices like Google Pixel, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Note, and more.
It works by showing a black overlay on top of the screen and on modern AMOLED displays this turns off all pixels, effectively turning the screen off.

Please note this is NOT a lockscreen app, It is an overlay, and your phone is not sleeping while this is on. So power reduction is mostly from less screen usage, and helpful to prevent screen burn in.

Primarily developed for turning screen on easily while developing apps, this app can be used in many scenarios like recording long videos, watching videos online for playing music, etc.

It requires the following permissions to function:
* Draw over other apps - in order to draw black screen simulating off screen on AMOLED devices.
* Run at startup - to start the service if the app was running before shutting down.
* Phone State - if a call is incoming, switch off black screen.
* In app purchases - to make donation.

Designed for AMOLED (OLED) screens.
Developed by Nishant Singh.

Blackr - AMOLED Screen Off APK reviews

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Sr. Zé Alguém review Sr. Zé Alguém
Friendly design
Ca be activated via notification panel. But... Why there isn't any app for simply turning screen off without locking? Is it Android limitation?
Farhad Bodhanwala review Farhad Bodhanwala
Nice app that does what it says
A simple app, but useful if you have an AMOLED screen. On feature request: could you please hide the soft navigation buttons (at the bottom of the screen) when it screen goes black. These are still visible right now.
Mohamed Yousri review Mohamed Yousri
Good Idea
Liked the idea and how it's so simple, the screen looks good and classy, i guess you can make a very good always on display app :) if you decided to do one... Keep it going ?
Victor M review Victor M
Works great, but one more feature would make it amazing!
I love the app. Leta me quickly close the screen if I have a map open for driving. The one feature that would be great to add is if the capacitive buttons could be locked once the screen lock is activated. Thanks.
Quốc Khánh Trần review Quốc Khánh Trần
Very nice
Very nice idea. Simple but so useful. Would be better if having an option to put a toggle in notification panel.
Olah Robert review Olah Robert
Not working on Meizu MX5
The idea is brilliant, but I'm sorry to say, it isn't working on MX5. The circle is not showing when enable it. Tested on Redmi Note 3 Pro also, working as should be.
Aron Somodi review Aron Somodi
Nice idea!
Thanks a lot for this! Update: had to upgrade to pro, because I like it. :)) Keep up the good work! P.s.: if only you could disable the hardware navigation keys, while screen is blackened, that would be awesome!
Greed makes 5? to 1? app
Do not update! The translucent icon, double tap to turn the screen on, etc have been put behind a pay wall. Make new features cost money, dev, but don't use bait and switch. You lost a customer.
Kevin M review Kevin M
Cheap alternative to YouTube music?
Free -> $1.99 -> (now) $0.99. Price is alright. Pretty simple, and easy to use app, nothing to fancy or ads to drain battery. (It reminds me of cm11/kitkat for some reason)
utsav madaan review utsav madaan
Nice App
Well it worked perfectly for me...but i think a lock feature should also be there to prevent others to use our phone
R-D White review R-D White
Increased to 5 stars based on developer's response!
The developer had made some formerly free options paid in an update. The developer restored the options to free after numerous reviews pointed out that this was the wrong approach. It was well worth the purchase earlier even though I disagreed with the approach, and it is still well worth the purchase even though the free options were restored. Kudos to the developer, and I have increased my rating to 5 where it belongs.
angelo review angelo
Good app
Decided to go pro for 99p. Does what it says on the tin. Would be nice if there was an option to disable home button(and the rest)?
Thierry Pon review Thierry Pon
Is it normal I still have the back, home and apps buttons lit? Can't it be completely black? No way to turn off the back light?
Eli Tal review Eli Tal
Does what it says well.
Great communication from dev.
Tommy Strummer review Tommy Strummer
Very useful, well made simplicity
Option to disable the clock jumping around?