Blender 3D APK reviews

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Xristos Vardakostas review Xristos Vardakostas
Cr app won't work
Baker Van Buren review Baker Van Buren
Piece of sh*t this is,
I hate whoever did this! F*ck you!!!!
Nityanand Jaiswal review Nityanand Jaiswal
D o not downlod
Trinatey Wilton review Trinatey Wilton
Nice "app"
Brandon G review Brandon G
This app is magnificent!
... for not being a real app.
Jeremiah Taylor review Jeremiah Taylor
It don't do nothing it's dumb
Rich barth review Rich barth
Not a real app. Don't download.
This is not a real app, if you download it, you will regret it.
Foxaliciuos review Foxaliciuos
Same problem as everyone else
Grey logo nothing more
Linda B review Linda B
This is not an app. Its a piece of s**t!!!!!
drew deaton review drew deaton
Screw this
I will devour your soul
Marouane Errouhi review Marouane Errouhi
Does absolutely nothing
JJ Hale review JJ Hale
An I try to open the app, it says error, and my options are cancel or retry. My friend works for dell and he said to get it to help designers with designs and animation as a career, can you help.
Chris Frost review Chris Frost
The cake is a lie!!!!
Do not trash
jose vazquez review jose vazquez
Yes I like this app
Very nice
Xernam Star review Xernam Star
Please fix it
I've seen other people use it, I really want to use it, but I can't even get it working. It's just a gray screen with a logo.