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Blocky Traffic Racer
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Do you have what it takes to drive your cute cartoony car in an endless journey?
Drive fast and overtake the incoming traffic by near missing them. Collect coins and buy new cars.
Enjoy the most colourful arcade racing game with smooth controls.

- Cute 3D cartoon graphics
- 8-bit music tracks
- Variety of cars to choose from
- Lots of traffic cars
- Online Leaderboards
- Achievements

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Blocky Traffic Racer APK reviews

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Ryan Coolio review Ryan Coolio
Good game. But you stole Traffic Racer!
This game is sort of a rip-off of the ORIGINAL and ONLY the ORIGINAL Traffic Racer. Did you have permission to make a rip-off of them?
Why this is not Editor's Choice game? It is a very nice game. If they provide different locations/weather conditions then it would be awesome.
Amaree Jhonas Gutierrez review Amaree Jhonas Gutierrez
This game is awesome and nice to
I love the music and the cars this game is nice fast game to and great horns with light awesome wow ????
Dhanush Gandhi review Dhanush Gandhi
fantastic because it's like the normal traffic racer but In blocky mode
Matt Boudreau review Matt Boudreau
Fun buy IAPs are overpriced
Can control game via tilt, touchscreen or analog stick. Music is good. In app purchases are grotesquely overpriced. Almost 9 dollars for the coin doubler, 62 dollars for the highest coin package is absurd.
Phillipine Vines review Phillipine Vines
This game is cool but pls make more maps
Alex Toh review Alex Toh
Most fun I've ever had
Love the very smooth controls and the option to cruise around at safe speeds or to speed up and drive like a daredevil. It'll be great to have a police pursuit mode when you're driving at high speeds and any police car you pass will chase after you. The upgrades and first few new vehicles are not too expensive either. Everything can be bought using in-game cash. This is a great game overall!
Ethan Sautto review Ethan Sautto
It would be better with more cars and more maps
Normaniman Plays review Normaniman Plays
Paid but still get ads
Its a great little game with an awesome soundtrack but when I pay for a game I don't expect to still have an option to watch ads to gain coins etc. Also the optional in app purchases are ridiculous! Shame that some devs are so greedy when it comes to buying extras.
Gabe N review Gabe N
*police sirens blare* *i pull over and officer comes to window* "What's that officer? You think I was zooming across the road at 120 kilometers per hour? Well, sir, I can assure you I did no such thing. ?.
Glen Jones review Glen Jones
Terrible controls
Nexus 7 Android 6.0.1. Tilt starts at an angle to steer straight. Touch screen steering is glitchy, brakes operate when accelerator is used. Otherwise looks great, but unplayable.
Jason Walters review Jason Walters
I got it but after every "race" as they call it it crashes and it will even crash the play store so again don't get or waste money on
CBHayden review CBHayden
This is a fun game, but its a TOTAL RIP-OFF of the original Traffic Racer! You just changed the map and made a few different cars, but other graphics are the same, just blocky! Did you have permission to make this?
A Google user review A Google user
Why this is not Editor's Choice game? It is a very nice game. If they provide different locations/weather conditions then it would be awesome.
Pats'n Fats review Pats'n Fats
Love how you can cheat???????????????⛟? But you did copy traffic racer