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Blogging Tips (2019)
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Without any clue or tips, (NOT SHORTCUT) we may get struggle and struggle. Although, this era is very faster than your thought. So, it tends to work Smarter instead of Harder.

Internet is a place where 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ + Thousands of bloggers rasing every day. And each day your competitor is increasing.

And this app is completely focusing on the fortune of bloggers. Here you will get tips and unlimited useful blog posts for you.

Tips are categorized into :
1️⃣ Beginner
2️⃣ Pro
3️⃣ Expert

?️ Beginner:

This category is for a newbie. Who just started blogging and learning, or his posts are not getting retention.

? Pro:
This one for those, whose posts are good but not best. Getting enough pageviews and retention, but lack of recognition and appreciation.

? Experts:
This one for, who wants to build an empire. They are not just blogging, their posts have the ability to change the mindset.

Upcoming Feature:
1. You can upload your post
2. Able to save favorite posts.

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