Blogging Tips (2020) APK

Blogging Tips (2020)
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“Blogging is a conversation, not a code.”

💎 Blogging Tips 2020 - is a new and best tip app for bloggers ever. It contains categorized tip for beginner, pro and expert respectively, It helps to trigger your blog page to reach the maximum potential height and get the result you dream about.

Just download the app and explore all types of tips for your blogs, apply them and keep learning each and every aspect for a blog that must need to grow it.

If we go through the app detail:

It has two section
one for tip section,
another one for inspiration where it shows you successful blog content along with their guidelines for their readers.

And the app is completely focusing on the favor of bloggers. Here you will get tips and unlimited useful blog posts for you.

Tips are categorized into :
1️⃣ Beginner
2️⃣ Pro
3️⃣ Expert

🅱️ Beginner:

This category is for a newbie. Who just started blogging and learning, and they need some starter.

🔥 Pro:
This one for those, whose posts are good but not best. Getting enough pageviews and retention, but lack of recognition and appreciation.

💎 Experts:
This one for, who wants to build an empire. They are not just blogging, their posts have the ability to change the mindset.

Upcoming Feature:
1. You can upload your post
2. Able to save favorite posts.

There’s no doubt WordPress became the most powerful blogging platform on the planet. It’s easy to update, easy to use, and flexible enough to support dozens of bells and whistles.
So why should we miss it, Let's start now and write, erase, write, erase ...

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