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Match your way through a cascade of bee-autiful garden levels in Blossom Blast Saga, a fun linker game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga! Link flower buds of the same colors to make beautiful flowers blossom, and clear the flowerbeds before you run out of moves!

Match 3 or more flower buds to make the world bloom into spectacular colors. Connect more flower buds to set off a glorious chain-reaction and watch your score grow! Collect every flower and make your way through gorgeous garden levels in this colorful adventure game!

Blossom Blast Saga features:

Connect Flower Buds to make them grow
• Fun game with simple, casual gameplay that’s easy to learn but challenging to master
• Link flower buds in beautiful gardens filled with colorful graphics
• Connect 3 or more flower buds of the same color to link and grow your flowers
• Connect flowerbeds to get 'Awesome Blossom!' and ‘Flower Power’ game assists

Match and Link in a Colorful Puzzle Game
• Match and link beautiful flowers in over 600 colorful levels
• Blossom flowers in beautiful garden levels like Dreamy Meadow, Carnival Garden and beyond

4 Puzzle Modes
• Collect Flowers Mode: Connect flowers of certain colors in a sequence
• Bloom in Scoring Mode: Match 3 of the same colorful flowers to gain points
• Remove Weeds Mode: Link flowers surrounding weeds to remove them from the garden
• Big Flower Bud Mode: Link bigger flower buds with other flowers, or blossom nearby flowers

Collect Flowers with Friends and Follow Their Progress
• Connect to the Blossom Blast Saga leaderboards to watch your friends’ status
• Link your game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the internet

Match your way through luscious garden stages, link beautiful flowers and connect with friends to share your experience. Play Blossom Blast Saga, the fun linker game where you collect beautiful flowers!

Download Blossom Blast Saga for free and have flower linking fun!

Blossom Blast Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

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Gladys Davis-Anderson review Gladys Davis-Anderson
The new levels freeze. I have lost many lives in the freezing. Also the new levels don't start at the first level. ?I love playing this game. Finished level 260, no more levels. So unhappy ? Now 280, no more levels. ? Game now is only winable using cash. NOT GOOD!!
Amanda Hebert review Amanda Hebert
I was ready to delete this app at level 143 but I stuck it out and managed to beat it with my last move... it's a very addictive game thanks to my doobie for getting me hooked on it!
Panther wench review Panther wench
At level 242 snails are introduced. The usual hints are given but it won't let me do the second one. The page level also says 90 instead of 242. I loved this game until now. I've now had to uninstall and start again three times because the loading page freezes completely and nothing else works. Update: All the comments on this issue were dealt with. presently at level 532
Sarah Menchini Anstey review Sarah Menchini Anstey
I love playing games that are different from others. More importantly I love games that I can play as much as I want. This one could be great if I could play until I'm ready to quit which if you have friends in the game they send you enough lives that you don't have to stop after the standard five that are given. My friends stopped playing this game so free lives stopped coming. Once again King disappoints.
Monica Fryman review Monica Fryman
Loved the game for a while. Some levels are so difficult... I have been stuck at 194 for weeks! I refuse to pay for cheats/help. It would be nice if you could earn cheats/help in some way like other games. I am frustrated and will be uninstalling the game. :(
Jamie Jones review Jamie Jones
A little too long to pass levels but fun
Andrew Desmond review Andrew Desmond
Some levels are broken. Scoring is not consistent
Ashley Young review Ashley Young
I really like this game because it is fun to play.
Roseita Sifford review Roseita Sifford
Would like a better chances to earn more gold
Can't stop playing need some spades and water
Angelique Holmberg review Angelique Holmberg
Addictive and…
Gorgeous graphics!
FromHomeinMT review FromHomeinMT
Refuse 2 pay 2 advance. Be ready..
Be prepared to stay in a level for weeks unless your wanting to give King the money for boosters or extra moves. And too long of a wait for new lives.
Another fun way to waste time. Thanks love it
Sara James review Sara James
The game is gliching right now. Won't even let me into see the levels. Please fix it asap!
Flower Power
Love this game..each level harder than the last... great time passer