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Blue Soul
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Blue Soul is an arcade game where you play a blue soul.

With the gravity, you have to avoid bones coming from the right and try to do the best score.

The game becomes harder every minutes.

Use arrows buttons to move or jump.

Challenge your friends to do a better score than you !

Blue Soul APK reviews

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Chloe Stack review Chloe Stack
Could You Make Actual Boss Fights Please? you Know...Where You Can Actually Fight The monsters. I really Love Your Games By the way!
manuel Flores review manuel Flores
Make a monster soul in side another box instead it has to dodge our attacks when touch the fight button sounds great? I rated 5 stars so please make it happen!
Mcfly Pro review Mcfly Pro
It was great I'm kinda get used to it but when it's getting faster it made me kinda nervous and Im glad you made this game and all of the other soul game
A Google user review A Google user
It's so awesome but this is just practice but if you ready to play the real game this is teaching you how to play the real game
Shemekia Lee review Shemekia Lee
I kinda like it but none 5 because when i jumped it was like error sans was there and moved me back and i died and can u pls give us options fight act mercy item i only played this because i thought we had options
Nikki review Nikki
It's good but can u make a monster soul like sans and we can actually see papyrus
Exley Gaming review Exley Gaming
It looks like the one of the fights in under tale
cotton candycat review cotton candycat
O loved the game play but what you can do is when you get to a certain score you can have a part like sanses battle and add gaster blasters that would be cool
firebaze ultimate review firebaze ultimate
It's one of the best game ever
Sansnite 360 review Sansnite 360
I found the rage game of 2018
Sub Zero review Sub Zero
It won't open on my Lenovo A5000
Studio Desk review Studio Desk
It was ok but why is it so hard
Simon L review Simon L
Its OK i guess...but i cant jump
Zelda Flash review Zelda Flash
Nice game what engine did u make this with?
Be4U Go review Be4U Go
I hate this game.