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Blue Soul
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Blue Soul is an arcade game where you play a blue soul.

With the gravity, you have to avoid bones coming from the right and try to do the best score.

The game becomes harder every minutes.

Use arrows buttons to move or jump.

Challenge your friends to do a better score than you !

Blue Soul APK reviews

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JoobieDoobie Doo review JoobieDoobie Doo
Pretty fun
Some decent quick fun! Only thing I think might work better is to code the music to persist apon being hit. Having the theme start over everytime you get hit is a little annoying, especially when the theme is so good you want to hear it. Having it start over after being played in full would be much better I think. I'm fairly sure this was made in gamemaker, so I know it shouldn't be too hard to code in that little fix. Fun though! :)
Pikachu Shock review Pikachu Shock
It's good but...
The gravity seems a little less controlled, as it continues going up a bit after you let go of the jump button as opposed to Undertale where letting go early dropped you instantly. Other than that it's okay.
Gato Olney review Gato Olney
I like this!
Possibly a Sans/Hard Mode? I really like the idea of making an infinite Papyrus round. It's good. (And possibly a green heart. Undyne the Undying was always my favorite boss.)
Hogzilla review Hogzilla
Are you planning on making red soul green soul and yellow soul because that would be awesome yellow could be mettaton red could be sans and green can be undyne. I'd love to see it happen in the future
Laleh Zarza review Laleh Zarza
the game I LOVE it but can you make the yellow soul it shoots and a gaster one and flowey one and asriel one and and sans one and lfkdkfkfndkgkdl sorry but I love it it's like just like undertale and make all the souls stay good and make it
O my god yes
It's the fighting part of papyrus's fight. Also there should be a Sans version
No music or Papyrus
Where's Bonetrousle, game music is what gets us gamers adrenaline pumpimg
Mario MAYHEM review Mario MAYHEM
Make it into the papyrus battle
mason Dreemur review mason Dreemur
But add some remixes of megalovania and bonetrousele
Do it!!
Wildfire _YT review Wildfire _YT
Its great cause its undertale on your phone and its good for pasing time
Ink sans review Ink sans
It is an undertale mini game
It is freaking amazing
Violet Neko Toast review Violet Neko Toast
The game is fun, but why one hit? At least add a health bar of 20 saying level 1 and each hit would do 5 hit worth of damage? It would be just like the game! And maybe even more fun then killing the vibe of the game by restarting in one hit?. Could you also find a way to use your score in a fun using your score to buy food or extra health... And add the Mercy and items button...and for the arrows that you have make them appear only after pressing Mercy.It would make the game so much more better
Frisky the Cat review Frisky the Cat
But add papyrus on top like the real fight and add the buttons and maybe more than just Papyrus's fight like maybe sans,toriel,asriel drreemur,temmie etc also please add HP
samaru manalo review samaru manalo
I love undertale
keep up the grrrrrreat work also my fav charecter is papyrus and sans the skele brothers