Bluetooth Mono Media APK

Bluetooth Mono Media
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Bluetooth Mono Media allows you to listen to music and audio files on all Bluetooth devices, even those that do not normally allow it, like all those that work only during calls.
You can also use it on some car radios🚗.

Unfortunately, the audio quality can not be increased.

Bluetooth Mono Media APK reviews

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Jhaemes Joplin review Jhaemes Joplin
Can not get this to work. LG G5 and brand new Cowin Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones. No reason this shouldn't work. Seem to pair no problem, but can only get audio to run through them if I plug them into the phone. They work fine with my 2.5 year old laptop. The phone is only a year old.
John Tuach review John Tuach
I spent many hours trying to find out why my new Moto G5 would not connect properly to my bluetooth handsfree unit. Voice instructions from my satnav app, radio app and sound from other apps were not coming through the handsfree unit speaker. If I pressed the call button on the unit I could initiate calls and get Google to create and send texts using voice commands. Saw this app and although I did not really understand what it did, for a few pence I thought I would try it. Bingo!! I now fire up Bluetooth and then this app and everything works beautifully with good sound from all apps coming through the bluetooth speaker. Ps. Just one small suggestion - could the app also switch on bluetooth? At the moment I have two icons at the foot of my screens - one for bluetooth and one for this app.
Liz Ard review Liz Ard
Totally works! The audio quality isn't good but without it I wouldn't be getting any audio so it's an improvement.
mark palmos review mark palmos
Nice idea but awful audio quality.
Stevie Butler review Stevie Butler
This app did exactly what it was supposed to do. The sound quality is lost in the process. Will be looking forward to updates.
Sofiane Bencheikh review Sofiane Bencheikh
Best app out there, but quality sucks and it's not your problem i know, it's the Bluetooth's fault.
Midnight Plays :3 review Midnight Plays :3
It muffles the audio a bit... Its nice that it managed to let me use my headphones but its still unsatisfying. This did help me with my decision on just changing out these headphones for another.
Seth Forsaken review Seth Forsaken
Exactly what I needed. Made an old bluetooth actually play media and not just calls.
Stephen Ganous review Stephen Ganous
Exactly what I was looking for. Great App!
Sum Dude review Sum Dude
Everything is great, it's just the audio.
Rocket RaRaa review Rocket RaRaa
Affected phone's speaker...
Bahaa Channel review Bahaa Channel
Cool app
Jasper Reyes review Jasper Reyes
Problem solve
Gurjas singh review Gurjas singh
Nice app
Cardinal The Dude review Cardinal The Dude
The audio was not good Does a ton know how to make it better