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Recognition training of fleeting facial expressions often known as micro-expressions. Designed to improve skills in recognizing concealed emotions in both your business and personal relationships. These expressions are usually extremely accurate in portraying the emotion felt, yet often go unnoticed. Believing is seeing.

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Body Language - Expressions APK reviews

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Lorenzo Corradi review Lorenzo Corradi
Its great to be free!
Gonzalo Rdriguez review Gonzalo Rdriguez
Adrian Cahill review Adrian Cahill
Im a NLP coach & I love it
Been using this for a year. I teach coaching & NLP. this has been remarkable program for increasing speed & awareness of facial expressions!
Sudha Nagarajabhagavathar review Sudha Nagarajabhagavathar
Ed Strain review Ed Strain
To fast
Could not see picture change.
julkar nain review julkar nain
Not so good
Squidward DeSquid review Squidward DeSquid
Best app for anyone
Loved it.
M.Mohamed Shifan review M.Mohamed Shifan
I like this app
Anthony Pratt review Anthony Pratt
Absolutely love it
Needs better descriptions
Anthony Mcgrath review Anthony Mcgrath
Love it but please add more faces?
As above.. Please add more faces. I love this app!!!
Vicky Chouksey review Vicky Chouksey
Patrick Murphys review Patrick Murphys
Really good App!
This apps will expand on your knowledge of micro-expressions and if you don't have any knowledge, it will help you gain some. If you want to know what people are really thinking, you ought to get this app. Mind reading is a science of observation and this app is a wonderful tutor.
Peter Fabian review Peter Fabian
I liked it.
Kelzy Kelz review Kelzy Kelz
Tito Style X review Tito Style X
Nice App
Its great to learn