Boom Beach APK reviews

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Julian Meraz review Julian Meraz
Took My Heart, Just Like Clash of Clans
I love Clash of Clans, it's my favorite game, and now, Boom Beach is my second favorite! What I love about Boom Beach the most, is that if troops survive, they stay in the landing crafts(army camps in Boom Beach)! One thing I want you guys to add, is more builders! Make the builder huts called Builder Apartment, but you start with it. It's like training troops, just with diamonds! 25 diamonds each builder, but once you use them, you have to train them again, but you'll always have at least one. Please? :D
Norman Hatt review Norman Hatt
Great game
The only issue I have is your progress slows tremendously in the higher levels as required resources are so high they're almost impossible to get short of spending a small fortune on diamonds, other than that great game, lots of fun
Imellie Peralta review Imellie Peralta
I lost my game can you back in my old game? my name ganggang .... i dont want to start a new game pls help me... i rate 5 star if you back my old game in my phone.....
Kunal Saha review Kunal Saha
But it could have better if we can war with facebook friend so please its my request if u could do such N one more problem I m facing when I trying to open it its shows for download but my speed is fast but it fails to download and recently I have updated already then why its again need to update so please fix it soon .
Brian Wolf review Brian Wolf
Pretty good but...
I hate the IAP's. Would rather buy game. That said, you can easily play without them.
Khorkhe review Khorkhe
No notifications option????
Are you serious???? Create a notification option for us to pick what to be notified about or even turn them all off because we have a life to live. Its not all about this cool game.
turtle foreman review turtle foreman
It's really good and less complicated to play than clash of clans but I want builders because I can build one thing at a time and it's boring and repetitive doing that
mohannad ali review mohannad ali
great better than coc
i hate that you have to have a high level hq to unlock certain troops still deserves five stars though but fix the match making please
Troy Clow review Troy Clow
Pretty fun game
Takes a long time to advance and needs more builders it's way too slow with just 1
Saint James review Saint James
Love it
I love the strategy you have to use. I feel like ops get stale, though. I wish there were other things my team and I could do together.
Nickolas Setchfield-Lenox review Nickolas Setchfield-Lenox
Best game I play
I've had this game since the week it was released on iPhone, I've never stopped playing because the updates always bring something new to the table if you like Clash of Clans but aren't very social or just out of stuff to do, like me lol, this game will keep you entertained for hours at a time I play every day and this is my favorite downloaded item of the 100's of games and apps I have downloaded -CHIVE ON!
Sergio Chavez review Sergio Chavez
Theres a bunch of ppl that have been suggesting the same thing for a long time: More builders. Changes have yet to be made. So my rating is going from 4 stars to 2.
Amer Jodeh review Amer Jodeh
Boom Beach
Weird game.I don't get it if u destroy the HQ u destroy the whole base plz change this SC.Otherwise it's ok.#PleaseChangeThis
Kent Roethemeier review Kent Roethemeier
Pay to build
Ok so free to play but if you don't buy diamonds it gets boring quickly. Wait days to accumulate enough resouces. Attack an island wait 20 minutes to rebuild troops. Good time killer while waiting at the dentist office though.
plaugenmc1 review plaugenmc1
Games awesome,but come on already with the map edit mode,troop donations,and maybe even replay sharing..more updates supercell!!!..after all you did create clash of clans..put some more attention in to boom!!!!...wuld get yer 5 stars fersure!!!... nice game but not as good as clash of clans