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nimit sharma review nimit sharma
Just love this game... nice timepass...
mohammed alsalh review mohammed alsalh
nimit sharma review nimit sharma
Just love this game... nice timepass...
Charles Malow review Charles Malow
Football Fans Best Friend
This game is a 'must have' for every real football fan. The game connects to Google Play so you can get Achievements and Awards... Five Stars!
Alex G. review Alex G.
I enjoy your other games but this one is garbage. I get that when the ball flies off its gone, right...but when one of the defenders shoots it down to the other one and he shoots it back THE BALL STAYS IN THE SOCCER FIELD YET I LOSE BECAUSE IT TOUCHED THE DEFENDANT...WTF??? This has been happening more than once and each time the ball stays in the goddamn field yet i lose...bullshite is what this is uninstalling now...
Keston Richardson review Keston Richardson
I don't even play
I'm sorry I am not supposed to present so this is why I don't like the game I just use it to play another game if I can get free coins so if anybody here I'm sorry but I give it a thumbs up sometimes but if it do be good I might just be okay it should be alright I don't really hate it so if you think I had it is not true and please describe to Ik
Jathin Jt review Jathin Jt
It is a wonderful games like having anybody died this only this game is variation games
Yeah this year heard afford a meeting is Lord is money is all play is all this as new so sweet a totally tracking my game show is well to play one game I play no I do
Maqbool Bukhari review Maqbool Bukhari
Feeling exhausted
What the hell is going on. I'v scored 79,76,74,70,69,68, score but my highest score is not updated from 62.
I don't like to download this game I download this because to get 5000rs in fear raceing