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A hotsy-totsy aim and shoot game, Bowmasters has lots in store for you:

• 41 INSANE CHARACTERS from all dimensions absolutely for free!
• 41 DIFFERENT WEAPONS for total mayhem, awesome fatalities with rag-doll physics!
• EPIC DUELS WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Grab your mates and show them what you’re worth!
• MULTIPLE GAME MODES. Shoоt birds or fruits down, defeat the enemies in duels and get money for that!

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Bowmasters APK reviews

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I like this game but it keeps freezing up everytime I shoot.
David King review David King
Had add warning my phone had a virus...shocking
elite alex 900 review elite alex 900
Online could be better but its really solid
Ali Mattout review Ali Mattout
Good but
Why you dont let us buy all characters with gold not real money i wish you change this thing please??...and to make better updates to the to do more thing not just birds, bottles ,2 players,and 1 player please i wish you fix it and add things make the game more fun✋✋
zero qualtz review zero qualtz
still needs balancing
some character do ridiculous amount of damage takes no skill at all . Overall great game. Devs are generous for making every character easy to earn.
Fikri Aulia review Fikri Aulia
Nice gameplay and addictive. Hope you add more "unbelievable" character and...thanks for add the daily reward. Keep up the hard work :)
Ash Ketchum review Ash Ketchum
This is a great game! Great time killer! I would suggest to add more characters and maps with interactive things!??Anyways.... 9.8/10 -ign
Alan rose review Alan rose
Great game
My only problem is the adds that play be you open every chest.
Jj Woodcock review Jj Woodcock
What a real nice game this, loving the brutality ? a true pleasure to play, keep up the fine work y'all ?
I like the game but how to get jeremy??
Amirr Barron review Amirr Barron
Ayush You are lying it doesn't work review Ayush You are lying it doesn't work
Excellent games
I give star based on 2 things. First is fun factor and the second one is gameplay. The fun factor is the best i give 5 stars because of the cuteness and the variety of effect. While the gameplay is not quite well. Despite of the variation of weapon, but we can not move our character and there is no wind or other external factor that can turn the game table. Because of that i rate it 1 star and in total 3 star. Keep up the good work especially something that can turn the game table.
D'Angelo Funks review D'Angelo Funks
I pay for the starter pack to remove the ads, and you still make me watch ads for chests? I might uninstall, because this is just rediculous.
Connor Sharp review Connor Sharp
Help please
Characters in game look gibbed and mine has purple on him as if it were a missing texture. I have tried reinstalling to no avail.