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BPR: An FRC Power Calculator
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A common measure of a FIRST Robotics Compeition team's performance at competition is their OPR (Offensive Power Rating), a metric of how much a team contributes to their alliance's score in an average match. This statistic is limiting: it only discerns between high-performing and low-performing teams. BPR is a new statictic that shows a team's average contribution to a specific scoring target. BPR allows you to look at data beyond a team's estimated contribution to their alliance's score.

A team's BPR in a scoring area shows the team's average contribution to that specific scoring area. For example, a Steamworks robot that scored a large number of points spending the entirety of every match dumping fuel into the low goal would have a high low-goal BPR but a low climbing and rotor BPR. BPR is an entirely objective statistic calculated using data reported by the FMS and the same math as familiar stats like OPR, DPR, and CCWM. There are no human scouters, no subjectivity, and most importantly no delay in reporting BPRs, making it an essential tool for strategy during competition.

Other FIRST Robotics Competition statistics services typically only show OPR, DPR (Defensive Power Rating), and CCWM (Calculated Contribution to the Winning Margin), and sometimes only show the top 15 teams. The BPR app shows you OPR, DPR, CCWM, and BPR in any numerical statistic reported by the FMS for all teams at any official FIRST regional or championship division.

A web version of the BPR app will be published to www.frc-bpr.com before kickoff. The app is open-source at https://github.com/dc74089/jen-scout, and the Java library that does all of the heavy lifting to calculate BPR can be found at https://github.com/dc74089/frc-power-calc.

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