Brain Dots APK reviews

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Harsh Kumar review Harsh Kumar
Progress lost
All my progress is somehow lost but the levels that I had cleared are being shown with a screenshot of how I cleared it. However I am not being able to access those levels. Also all my brushes are also gone. Tell me what to do to get a 5 star..
Dawn Suns review Dawn Suns
Very enjoyable.
I like this game , although it got a little boring after a while. The objective is to use your finger to draw a line to get two balls to touch . It is a very simple concept and I like the variety of different pens you can use. I do find the ads a little bit annoying , and I think it could be improved with multiplayer racing features! (Just an idea.) There is also a level editing mode where you can make your own levels and try out others! I would reccomend this to those who are patient and like platformers.
James Em. review James Em.
Ad bloated cash grab
So, I'm not some d-bag who thinks everything should be free. I either put up with ads or pay for premium features. That said, one of my favorite games, and one of the best games period, has become a constant deluge of full page animated ads for the same 4 or 5 apps that already advertise everywhere. This KILLS the flow of the game and eats data. I'm all for a few banners here and there, but this is absurd. Oh, premium unlock? Yeah, over $4 USD which is a little steep for a two dimensional game. $2 at best.
Alfred F. Jones review Alfred F. Jones
Ads, fun game, slow reaction time.
They're painfully annoying. I put up with ads and forget they're even there because I'll just get in and out of the app. Yet these are so irritating since it will slow my phone down, has it load an ad and then play it. It's too time consuming and when I retry a level sometimes it sends me into an immediate ad that I'll back out of it- only to be greeted by yet another "loading" notification. The gameplay is fun if you're not driven crazy by ads. Uninstalling at lvl. 65 because I'm no longer dealing with bs.
Mark Phillips review Mark Phillips
Brilliant game
Entertaining and enjoyable. Puzzles get gradually harder and you get a sense of achievement when you complete one. Brilliant, I would recommend to everyone to give it a try.
Rick R review Rick R
To many adds really ruin the fun and keeps from enjoying the game.
There are way to many adds, they really take away from the game. I understand watching the ads to earn coins but everytime i mess up on a level and restart a pop up add comes out which really is annoying. I watch ads sometimes to earn the coins, so i feel that if i willingly watch ads that there shouldn't be random pop up ads, or just get rid of the pop up ads entirely since there's a choice to watch them to earn coins. Also it runs slow and crashes way to often. Fix the way the game runs and remove pop ups
Shelby N review Shelby N
Stalls since update...
Not running smoothly on LG tab , force closes severely But Seriously LOVE this game when it was running for me...
Nithish Bharadwaj review Nithish Bharadwaj
Wonderful gameplay, but...
Nice game with creatively designed levels. But the gameplay is hampered by the annoying ads. Will give better rating if you tone down the ad frequency.
Stephen Barash review Stephen Barash
Used to be fun, but so full of ads now that you can barely play.
Shon S Mathew review Shon S Mathew
Cant play. Crashing. Always
I love this game a lot and i watch my friends play this too. But when i open this games. It crashes suddenly. Pls help me. Translimit. I. Beg. You
Tyler Mack review Tyler Mack
Once u go black u can never go back
I just can't stop playing it. I am addicted to playing it. This game is awesome!
Xavy Wright review Xavy Wright
Great game very addictive its hard to put down but then I remember am at work
Wendy Oosthuizen review Wendy Oosthuizen
Very addictive. Can't stop playing
Nihar Lakhate review Nihar Lakhate
Cool game
But it is slow
Abdul-Waahid Darries review Abdul-Waahid Darries
Brain dots!!!
Awesome game and helps stimulate the brain