Brain Wars APK reviews

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Rahul Saraogi review Rahul Saraogi
Awesome game
This game is a very addictive game..i just wait for my hearts or live to come back so that i could again start thing should be fixed i.e. if i win the challenge then the heart should be given back to me and if i lose the heart should be gone..otherwise its an awesome game.
Nikhil Sharma review Nikhil Sharma
I formatted my mobile and when installed this game again there was no option for retrieving the old account. Is there any way so that i can get back my previous account .pls help
Gian Pertela review Gian Pertela
Nice game but often crash
I will give u 5 stars if the game more stable
Eve P review Eve P
Great game
I love the game. I just wish when matching up competition, they would stick with people ranked in the same animal categories. The other issue is the constant crashing of the app. Also it would be nice to fix the issue when someone calls your phone while playing it automatically surrenders your game which affects your rank.
Tamara Awadh review Tamara Awadh
Good game. It tests your brain and challenges you. Great game. It helps you improve your multitasking.
Amanda Millhouse review Amanda Millhouse
Great game!
I'm already addicted after just a few plays. The only thing that's annoying is not being able to get coins often to choose which game you want. Other than that, I love it!
Lilly Barry review Lilly Barry
They fixed it
Really fun! my math skills have seriously improved and they fixed the problems with the app.
Helmi Wibowo review Helmi Wibowo
After update, " brainwars has stopped" . Please fix this..
Abrar Abiyyu review Abrar Abiyyu
Alr8, getting awesome.
Still, please give penalty to who abandoned the game
Carlos Moreno Serrano review Carlos Moreno Serrano
Best game in the app store
I am totally addicted to this game
anirudh edapu review anirudh edapu
Nice game
I downloaded many games but this was da best game I played...Nice game
Jess D'Silva review Jess D'Silva
Good, addictive
Fun games and competitive aspect works well too!
rhanata sdta review rhanata sdta
Fun , works bad
Fun games competition and u can feel yourself getting smarter but it shuts down a bit at times and u have to reopen the game but I sent a email to the company via the game hopefully they fix it soon great game /idea though
Naufal Falah Fadhlurrahman review Naufal Falah Fadhlurrahman
More playing, more crash
Awesome game but needs more repair for many bugs like crash in the middle of the game. It affects my rank although the notif said no
Arun Shetty review Arun Shetty
Awesome game
I totally like this game its fun you can improve your iq level fun games amazing battles its a awesome game