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Syafiqah Si Pencuri Coklat review Syafiqah Si Pencuri Coklat
Love it but it always opps something went wrong try again and I try like 10 times the same issue happened ??
Prince Mustafa review Prince Mustafa
Only when we will dowload the app then only it is giving is answer
Give us answers fast n another time alsooooooooo? pls do it better i will give 5 ratings and i will tell everybody to download BRAINLY app!
glorious vixx leo review glorious vixx leo
I really love it but i hope it van be available without wifi
Manisha salve review Manisha salve
Really frustrating
I tried so many times to sign in but whatever username I had put they said that they already have it I also put the username they recommended but still they say that u have created many accounts however I am new to I tried reinstalling but still it says the same
Osm nd hlpfl....
I reallly...liked this app... i didn't found any other app like diss.. it's really helpfulll.......????
Best study app ever
I am so happy about this app I start school back up tomorrow and my grades have been dropping but I tested the app on a question and it got it right I am so excited I feel like my grades will improve big time!
Sabita Felianti review Sabita Felianti
Kristina Nash review Kristina Nash
This app has helped me so much on my math homework, I don't even know where to begin. This app will be a help to kids and parents who need help.
Harjeet Kaur Gaba review Harjeet Kaur Gaba
I liked it a lot bt i wnt to ask tht how to chnge the name d scnd tym.... option iz there to chnge d pic but not name...
Nanda Difny review Nanda Difny
Helps me a lot. Bantu banyak banget memahami soal Matematika :D btw, keep this great job flow!
Ikramullah Latif review Ikramullah Latif
I Loved It
Tampilan yang keren, temanya juga ala anak muda. Jadi kerenlah
Saif Sham review Saif Sham
Seriously !! Now i can log in with my desktop, bt not with the app. whenever i try to log in from the app it says "Wrong username or password. Try again." Whereas i am giving the same user name and password to the desktop and it's working. The most funny part is when I try to rest my password from the app, whenever I put my email id thn app is saying "This email address isn't in our database. Please enter a different email address.". Whereas i can easily log in from desktop with the same email address and password. Dear app developer, please fix these issues. :)
Kino Bacaltos review Kino Bacaltos
Amazing, congrats!
This helped me a lot! It even described my questions right away while I didn't search it. The words were just in my Sanghayà book and it recognized directly!! It's ok ka lang but how to search the words you need to get, use, display meaning, or etc.? If you tell me how, thats an actual 6 star rating!
Robert W Rogers review Robert W Rogers
Beautiful tool for college students. For everyone really, as theirs a breakdown for each level of education. It's helped me countless times during homework, study and exspeically during testing and exams. Extremely useful!!
Silly Noodle review Silly Noodle
This app is extremely helpful in many ways. I can finish my homework faster, I can get help when other students are available, and I can learn from my mistakes that I made! Without this app, I wouldn't be getting A's and B's right now.

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