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New Feature Release - Dual Brave Burst!

Are you ready for the new Brave Burst? Experience a whole new game mechanic that will tip the scales of battle in your favor. The first nine pairs of Dual Brave Burst Partners have been revealed. Join us now to find out more!

Hundreds Of Heroes. Millions Of Players. Be A Legend Now!
Rise up to the challenge and take on the role of powerful Summoners in this addictive, free-to-play classic JRPG hit title!

Summon more than 400 legendary heroes, mighty demigods and majestic beasts and lead your squads to strategic victories against the Four Fallen Gods as you venture through the mythical lands of Grand Gaia and beyond!

* Summon and expand your collection of Units, from Divine Emperors to Inferno Goddesses
* Leverage on your Units’ Elemental Strengths & Leader Skills and form strategic squads for the different game modes and enemies
* Fuse / evolve your Units to their higher forms to strengthen them / unlock new skills
* Craft powerful items and Spheres to boost your Units’ powers in battle
* Meet and recruit fan favorite characters from other popular game titles

* Strategy-oriented Turn-based Battle System with Auto-Battle option
* Engage in intensely animated battles with / against a captivating cast of beautifully pixel-crafted characters that are inspired by Japanese manga art
* Unleash devastating combos using the Intuitive Tap and Swipe Combat Mechanics
* Fill up your Units’ skill gauge to launch their unique offensive / defensive Brave Bursts
* Upgrade your Town to unlock new crafting options and craft powerful items

* Put your skills to the test and face-off Epic bosses at PVE Trials, Raids, Frontier Hunter as well as Quests at the Vortex Dungeons
* Compete in the PVP Arena & Colosseum and dominate the Leaderboard Rankings
* Pit your best Brave Frontier squad against other online players in PVP Arena & Colosseum and dominate the Leaderboard Rankings
* Gather / enjoy the spoils of your adventure / battles and lay claim to special Heroes and rare items!

* Explore Grand Gaia and discover new worlds through more than 500 story-driven missions
* Uncover compelling story arcs and legendary sagas of heroes and gods. The plot is thickening as their fates are intertwined!

* Join forces with fellow Summoners for co-op game modes, to farm rare materials to craft powerful items and spheres
* Connect with millions of players across the globe for more reinforcement options and Honor Points
* Form / join guild and forge strong camaraderie with fellow Summoners. Contribute to the Guild to help bring it to greater heights to obtain Guild-exclusive rewards, heroes and skills
* Participate in Guild Raids and fight for honor and glory to be the Top Ranking Guilds
* Discuss strategies with participating Guild members real-time during Guild Raids using Guild Chat

Will you rise to the challenge and go down in Grand Gaia history as a legend? Join forces with millions of Summoners on your most epic journey yet!

NOTICE: Brave Frontier is completely free to play. However, some in-game items can also be bought for real money.

Having technical trouble adventuring in Grand Gaia? We’re glad to help! Visit and contact us at our site:




Twitter: @ bravefrontiergl


** Device with a minimum of 1GB RAM is recommended. Performance is not guaranteed on devices with less than 1GB RAM.

** 2.5 GB free space in phone internal memory is recommended to install the game with all of the downloadable contents.

** Contact us on for further help on technical issue.

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Justin Thammabanvong review Justin Thammabanvong
Just reinstalled this game after a few years..but it's buggy as hell. Open up the game and I can't agree to the terms of service cause my taps don't register. When it finally does work, it gives me a connection error. For one thing, my other games work fine. Two, my Wi-Fi is totally fine. Hope this gets addressed EDIT: The maintenance was the culprit. Though there was no notice of it. Facebook told me the maintenance times which matched up.
Gamer Nate review Gamer Nate
Downloading this game takes like a hour. The updates are just as bad. I played this game two years ago and it seems like NOTHING has changed when I played it again. It burns through my battery power and memory space when I turn it on. Can you at least put some easy way to delete progress? ???
Sea Gee review Sea Gee
This game is very addictive, but connection errors, crashes, slow response problems are still evident after several months. This makes the game hard to enjoy! Latest update has broken game can't play on my tablet anymore
Nicholas Harbacek review Nicholas Harbacek
It's ok, they pass out high end characters like it's nothing too early in the game. I'm cruising through levels on auto battle and there's absolutely no challenge. Unit capacity is a pretty significant problem. They overload you with so many units but inventory space runs out almost immediately
Ragui Chef review Ragui Chef
Its a great game. when i was younger i played it all the time i thought maybe i should return to it, and so i started it up brand new and right off the bat i had acquired a 7 star character, it destroyed everything. I then played it a little longer id say a week or so and i was already able to evolve my 7 star unit. Now basically i can destroy everything and its just boring that way. I remember when acquiring a 6 star was almost impossible and battles actually needed skill not auto battle. I remember when certain moves actually meant life or death and item's were needed. I just miss all of the grind this game once had but other then that it's still fun when there are event's that provide you with some challenge.
Sp4rtan 133 review Sp4rtan 133
It's an amazing game for those who consider themselfs a collector. There are almost 1.5 thousand different characters and evolutions to collect. The only problem? It takes a bit to get enough gems to summon a character.
Yupia DX review Yupia DX
I'm having problems logging into my Facebook. I like this game but I will no longer play if I lose all the progress I worked hard to obtain.
feni Angelina review feni Angelina
Ok i guess because i can play it again. But can you telk me why i always have to redownload data whenever i login,seriously it ate up my data, and i already delete and reinstall but still didn't fix. And one more, why i can't do brave burst manually?
Jason Pregel review Jason Pregel
I can't get enough of this game. I play it every day. Awesome characters and graphics. Every time there is an update the game play gets better. This game is just plain awesome!!!
Cody Rushing review Cody Rushing
It says checking files then stops at 50% I loved this game when it first came out but I can't play if it won't load plz fix this and I will give 5 stars
Arctic Leopard review Arctic Leopard
The game is amazing and highly addictive. Plenty of ways to earn premium gems or summon tickets without spending a dime, great unit variety and tons of content. Amazing old school RPG with hundreds if not thousands of dungeons. Many hours of play and many more just trying to build that perfect team. Fantastic, the only game that always stays on my phone.
Tyler John Philley-Rodelo review Tyler John Philley-Rodelo
Currently loving the game so far! It's so fun! It's not friendly on my data though and it would be nice to get some more promotional events going.. But it's tons of adventure! I recommend it!
Gabe Armiger review Gabe Armiger
10/10 game, played it on my iPhone when the game first came out and loved it. Got android recently and tried to move the game file from phone storage to card but won't let me. Plz fix if possible because I don't want the money I've spent on this game go to waste. On a note to others, you can play this game for a year or two and it still won't get boring. The team creations are extensive and the 6th slot really helps if you know what your doing. Just sucks when u in arena and u come across 4kira & 1rowgen
Adonis Noble review Adonis Noble
Im starting not to like this game because I'm been doing the omni rewards and it stop me at 28 days Friday. I tried to log in for my 29th day the next and it still had me at 28 days it's been five days now what the problem
assist2u review assist2u
The game in and of itself is a good game, the problem is every time there is an update I lose my profile. If it only happened once or twice I would not mind but this happens every time. What is worse is this time the game will not even give me the option to contact the developers. I am extremely frustrated with this and am considering deleting it all together.