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Laura Dodson review Laura Dodson
Will never compare to Best Fiends. Seems that I this game, when you upgrade your bird, it also strengthens the hog. Should not lose by a larger margin after just leveling up your bird twice.
Jane Patrick review Jane Patrick
Very much like Best Fiends. I love the game. But oh dear, it keeps freezing then restarting, drives me mad! It crashes every time I click on my game level button, also the wheel. So it's unplayable. Please fix this, then it would rate as 5+ stars.
Matthew Kircher review Matthew Kircher
So I really like the game but the damn thing just will not play for more than a few minutes at a time. It constantly freezes and goes back to the start up screen. Over the course of three weeks, I was only able to get to level 25, and it's not because it's challenging, it's impossible to get to any levels that might be. I'm sure this will be a great game if you (the developers) would just fix it!!!!!!! I really want to play the game, OK. So PLEASE just fix it !!!!! Thanks
Anthony Tyler review Anthony Tyler
Can you fix just updated and game now freezers and returns to start very frustrating if not I will delete for good thank you for your help and support
Karen Hill review Karen Hill
Bravo birds
Hard to win a level sometimes it's impossible to win
Not sure yet?
I've been playing for a while but still can't figure it out. We'll see & update
Debby Grindle review Debby Grindle
It is very similar to best fiends, it's very colourful, no adverts so that's good. Only just started playing but not bad so far.
morris mcdaniel review morris mcdaniel
I'm on the fence
This is an awesome game with great gameplay.I only gave 3 stars because I'm unable to spin the wheel for bonus items so therefore I'm now at the point where I'm stuck on the game and can't upgrade my birds anymore due to lack of tokens.
kelly reid review kelly reid
Bravo birds
Great game with wee pets to upgrade and look after there so cute ??
Carla Brunette review Carla Brunette
Exactly like Best Fiends. But, still fun.
Jennifer Prince review Jennifer Prince
Love it
Amazingly Addicted?
jeanette bridges review jeanette bridges
Entertaining,no ads, good so far
Jamie Dickerson review Jamie Dickerson
I use to love this game and play it constantly but now it just shows me a picture and that's it. It will no longer load so I have to change my 5 Stars to 1
Brenda Les review Brenda Les
I enjoy this game , it's very entertaining
Bep Rijksen review Bep Rijksen