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Tony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world. Robbins has directly impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 countries. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honored consistently for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors.

Tony Robbins’ Breakthrough provides a free digital library for those looking to improve the quality of their lives. The content delivered in app will help members to achieve more and experience a greater fulfillment through a unique set of proven tools and strategies.

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
First use with the app was flawless but second time round is where the bugs started to show. Once you click on the content it plays for a split second and then boots me back to the main menu. Very frustrating and quite disappointing because I was really starting to breakthrough. No pun intended. P.S Tony and his team are astonishing. Love every bit of content I listen to!
Thomas Waldron review Thomas Waldron
Amazing content, obviously...but please fix the player bugs. When there is a long video, you can skip to about 35 minutes into playback, but scroll past that, and the time slider goes to a negative number?!! Releasing the scroll when the time shows a negative number, cause s playback to go back to 0. So basically, once you get past 35 minutes, if you accidentally tap the pause button the wrong way, the video goes back to 0, with no way of getting back where you were, other than to repeat the video.
David Steele review David Steele
Love the content, but the app needs work. Wished I had the DVDs instead. The videos are partially cropped so I can't see the full screen. Worse problem is that I cannot fast forward a video past the 35 minute part. To watch any videos, be prepared to watch the video straight through for an hour and a half with no ability to rewind or fast forward.
David Rojas review David Rojas
The app keeps crashing. It stops playing when I try to listen to the content. It is extremely frustrating as a premium user to not even be able to track the progress.. please fix it!! Tony's content is great
Netanel polak review Netanel polak
I would rate 5 stars but i ran into 2 problems. I bought mastering influence for over 200$ and expected a well developed app, all though the actual course is great the app is missing many nessery features: when the screen is off you cannot manage the playing audio course from the lock screen. The reason this is a problem is because in an audio app it should be obvious. My second problem is that when leaving the app sometimes it will stops playing. Please fix/add these and i will happily rate 5 stars?
Karlyn S review Karlyn S
Love the content but the app itself is flawed. The most major flaw being that the audio cuts out in the last 2/3 of every video. The messages are great but I'm missing a huge chunk of it. Will wait before returning to the app in hopes this will be fixed and I will get the full experience.
A Google user review A Google user
Unfortunately the app is really buggy, crashes all the time and the integration with Android needs some work. PLEASE fix these issues and release a more polished version. Premium quality content needs to be matched with a premium app.
Paul Jackson review Paul Jackson
Great content but the app crashes all the time which is so frustrating. When you do get back in, which is very hit and miss, it very rarely brings you back to where left off. 5 stars for paid content, 1 star for functionality.
Peter Potje review Peter Potje
Was listening daily for a few months during workouts and downtime. Switched to some other programs for awhile and then came back - gotta keep feeding the fire!
Lyle L review Lyle L
Samsung s6 Verizon. Video stops in the app after 10-60 seconds, every time. App crashes when i try to download any tracks. So pretty much worthless. The UI is pretty but it is functionally broken. Lame.
Amanda Forsey review Amanda Forsey
Breakthrough is a great app with an amazing idea behind it and amazing content. I find the life wheel to be very helpful in distinguishing areas of improvement and as time goes on it helps to build confidence as you see your gaps shrink. I do wish there was an option to cast the videos to TV or some screen other than my phone. Also I find that it doesn't give the user much direction in progressing through the app itself. After I accomplished the first section of videos it advised I found it difficult to figure out what I was suppose to do next. All in all though I feel this app is pretty damn awesome and the fact that it's not constantly pushing payments in your face is great. Most apps want you to pay for decent self developmental help yet for some people the help is what they need to get to where they can pay. So this app is great for that. Thank you very much for creating such a positive and helpful app.?
Nicole Jones review Nicole Jones
It was going well until it told me I had to pay. Then I went online like it told me to but then I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to purchase. Don't get me wrong I like listening to this guy but my finances aren't exactly able to handle paying for something that in all truth and honest one can truly work in therapy and within ones self. I enjoyed it just don't think I'll be paying for it even if I could figure out what I'm supposed to be paying for.
Susan Lautner review Susan Lautner
I enjoy the content but it frequently sounds like a stuck record, repeating the same few words over and over. It also frequently just stops playing.
NerdyBird review NerdyBird
The App itself is great, the idea in general is amazing, but it's crashing all the time, and the videos end randomly in the midst of the video. Without it otherwise, the entire thing would be a 5-star app.
Chris BH review Chris BH
Really happy with the unlimited downloads for registered users! Last thing I need now is pull down menu background playback control's.