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Bridge by NeuralPlay
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Looking for a fun, challenging Bridge game? Let NeuralPlay's AI challenge you!

• Unique double dummy solver providing six levels of computer AI play.
• Support for Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC, five card majors), Two Over One Game Forcing, and ACOL (four card majors, weak notrump) bidding.
• Bidding and play hints. Uncertain of what to bid or play? See what the computer would do!
• Bid and play checker. Compare your bid or play with the computer's as you play!
• Bidding explanations. Tap a bid for an explanation.
• Claim the remaining tricks and NeuralPlay's double dummy solver will verify your claim.
• Review the play of the hand at the end of the hand. Resume play from any point during the review.
• Not sure about the play of a hand? Step through an approximate double dummy solution!
• Play rubber bridge, duplicate teams, or practice with matchpoint scoring.
• Undo moves all the way to the beginning of the game.
• Replay hand.
• Achievements. Challenge yourself to accomplish them all!
• Leaderboard. Climb to the top of the leaderboard as you win!
• Share interesting hands with your friends.
• Save a human readable record of your bidding and play of a hand in the Portable Bridge Notation format (PBN). Open a PBN file for play review.
• Custom hand characteristics. Play deals with your desired distribution and point count.
• Designed for both tablets and phones.

Enjoy many features to learn and practice bridge, including:

• Bidding practice. Compare your bidding to the NeuralPlay AI's bidding.
• Card play practice. The NeuralPlay AI will automatically bid the hands.
• Double dummy play. Play the hand open against NeuralPlay's double dummy solver.
• Choose specific types of hands you would like to practice (mostly notrump, mostly strong two clubs, etc.).

Supported bidding conventions include: Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, Takeout Doubles, Negative Doubles, Fourth Suit Forcing, Jacoby Two Notrump, Michaels Cuebid, Unusual Two Notrump, Blackwood, Gerber, Strong Two Clubs, Weak Twos, Splinter Bids, Gambling Three Notrump, and Cappelletti (Hamilton).

We are continuing to develop and improve NeuralPlay Bridge. We welcome all your feedback. Please contact us at [email protected]

Bridge by NeuralPlay APK reviews

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Great options to help relearn! I love it!
Can set options to (1) give a hint on which card to play next, or (2) give a hint only when my play is different. (3) Same for bidding. (4) Also, upon request, it will explain each bid.
Shovon Banerjee review Shovon Banerjee
Naval Driver review Naval Driver
Just Great
John Stewart review John Stewart
I find the bidding a bit chaotic. Have been left in some hopeless contracts at times and left stranded with good hands at low levels on other occasions. The play of the hands is quite good though some of the leads are a little bone headed.
Andre Boonzaier review Andre Boonzaier
The deals are not random they are tilted towards EW. I have played bridge for 45 years and never have I had so few opening hands. The bidding is also quite random at times. Don't waste your time, you will just be frustrated.
Steven Brown review Steven Brown
The computer bidding is absolutely abysmal. I have a hand up in front of me where south (me) opens with 13HCP at 1C. With 19HCP, north (computer partner) responds with 1H. We ended up at a one bid when it should've been a slam. Nobody anywhere responds at the one level with 19 points. Two hands ago, I saw almost the same situation with the same result. On the previous hand, west bid a 2S takeout bid with 7 points. Not bad, except that his partner responded with only 8 points sending to the 3 level and a huge set. Nobody responds to a takeout bid with 8 points. I played 5 hands and 4 were bid so terribly that they were unplayable. Has anybody there ever played bridge before?
Random deals seem to favor opponents more than they should. High card points are hard to come by. Bidding on easiest level seems to require significant knowledge of response bidding. Look at resources to help with this. Still fun and definitely challenging!
Don Peters review Don Peters
Bad defense algorithm
Apparently, third-hand high overides common sense, especially when opponents second-hand already won the trick!
Erik W. Schmidgal review Erik W. Schmidgal
Inconsistencies in bidding and needs an explanation of invitation to slam.
sumit kumar nath review sumit kumar nath
Good but no more storage in device storage
Be more good if sd card accepted
Bob Kamino review Bob Kamino
Ok but...
Needs bidding system notes. A IMP scoring game would be good.
Fred Vinson review Fred Vinson
Very well dpne
Great explanations of bidding conventions
Kgosi Radifalana review Kgosi Radifalana
I feel like my partner is just bidding for fun
Doug Kirkpatrick review Doug Kirkpatrick
A very good game.
Sometimes the bidding or play by the computer partner in defense can get wonky, but overall a very good game.
I learn and practice