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Bridge by NeuralPlay
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Looking for a fun, challenging Bridge game? Let NeuralPlay's AI challenge you!

• Unique double dummy solver providing six levels of computer AI play.
• Support for both Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC, five card majors) and ACOL (four card majors, weak notrump) bidding.
• Bidding and play hints. Uncertain of what to bid or play? See what the computer would do!
• Bid and play checker. Compare your bid or play with the computer's as you play!
• Bidding explanations. Tap a bid for an explanation.
• Claim the remaining tricks and NeuralPlay's double dummy solver will verify your claim.
• Review the play of the hand trick by trick at the end of the hand.
• Not sure about the play of a hand? Step through an approximate double dummy solution!
• Play rubber bridge or practice with matchpoint scoring.
• Undo moves all the way to the beginning of the game.
• Replay hand.
• Achievements. Challenge yourself to accomplish them all!
• Leaderboard. Climb to the top of the leaderboard as you win!
• Share interesting hands with your friends.
• Designed for both tablets and phones.

Enjoy many features to learn and practice bridge, including:

• Bidding practice. Compare your bidding to the NeuralPlay AI's bidding.
• Card play practice. The NeuralPlay AI will automatically bid the hands.
• Double dummy play. Play the hand open against NeuralPlay's double dummy solver.
• Choose specific types of hands you would like to practice (mostly notrump, mostly strong two clubs, etc.).

Supported bidding conventions include: Stayman, Jacoby Transfers, Takeout Doubles, Negative Doubles, Fourth Suit Forcing, Jacoby Two Notrump, Michaels Cuebid, Unusual Two Notrump, Blackwood, Gerber, Strong Two Clubs, Weak Twos, Gambling Three Notrump, and Cappelletti (Hamilton).

We are continuing to develop and improve NeuralPlay Bridge. We welcome all your feedback. Please contact us at [email protected]

Bridge by NeuralPlay APK reviews

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Don Peters review Don Peters
Bad defense algorithm
Apparently, third-hand high overides common sense, especially when opponents second-hand already won the trick!
Erik W. Schmidgal review Erik W. Schmidgal
Inconsistencies in bidding and needs an explanation of invitation to slam.
sumit kumar nath review sumit kumar nath
Good but no more storage in device storage
Be more good if sd card accepted
Bob Kamino review Bob Kamino
Ok but...
Needs bidding system notes. A IMP scoring game would be good.
Fred Vinson review Fred Vinson
Very well dpne
Great explanations of bidding conventions
Kgosi Radifalana review Kgosi Radifalana
I feel like my partner is just bidding for fun
Doug Kirkpatrick review Doug Kirkpatrick
A very good game.
Sometimes the bidding or play by the computer partner in defense can get wonky, but overall a very good game.
I learn and practice
Catherine Lambeth review Catherine Lambeth
I use to play party type bridge. I haven't played anything in years. You program is helping me get back in the groove. I can see rhis program!!! Most are too small for old eyes.
Terrible bid logic
I just played a hand where my partner, North, had 22 hcp and a balanced hand (4,3,3,3). I have been playing bridge for a very long time (paid my way through college playing for money) and that is ALWAYS a 2 NT opener. The computer opened with 2 clubs, for some stupid reason. I had 3 points so I passed. It turns out North had 3 clubs, king, small, small. I had 3 clubs, small, small, small. Meaning North had 19 points in the other suits! What idiot programmed this.
Steven Levy review Steven Levy
Great for casual practice
Though I wish the spots on the cards were larger, it's otherwise an excellent chance to practice. Both bidding and cardplay are solid. I don't think I've yet seen an off the wall bid.
Overall pretty good but messed up by some truly bizarre bidding by partner and the great majority of hands having four card suits as the longest in the hand.
Graham Everhart review Graham Everhart
I'm learning how to play,
And this app is helping. I sometimes have to bounce between the app and the Internet to figure out what is what, but that's not the apps fault. I wish you could turn on some sort of helper to give you tips on what the AI is doing, especially when E and W are bidding like crazy.
Jeffrey Kitzler review Jeffrey Kitzler
Really enjoyable
For those complaining of too many losing hands: there's a menu of deal options to address that. But it's not a problem I've had. Looking forward to upping the computers "think" level to see how badly I can lose :)
Harold Prather review Harold Prather
Logic is fine....card layout is a little awkward. Edit: previous post is dead on. Unplayable hand after unplayable hand. Anytime I'm dealt a decent hand there seems to be zero fit with the dummy hand. What a colossal waste of time. I was interested in the bidding hints to fine tune my understanding and all I really had to do was "pass". Uninstalling.