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0.3.31 · Hildebrand Technology Ltd

Monitor energy usage and cost with Glow monitoring equipment and/or smart meters

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Offers Free
Version 0.3.31
Developer Hildebrand Technology Ltd
Category Apps, House & Home
Requirements 5.1

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Monitor your energy consumption anytime, anywhere with Bright. For real-time data you need Glowmarkt compatible hardware - which works with either smart or traditional meters. People with SMETS2 (or E&A SMETS 1) meters can access their half hourly data with Bright for free, once they go through our verification process.
Bright lets you check your energy consumption, this could be electricity and gas usage from your smart meters, via the DCC or our Consumer Access Device (CAD). Clamp-on technology sensors can support electricity usage monitoring.

Our goal is to help you manage your energy consumption and spend more efficiently as we all strive to become more carbon efficient.
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For more information or any questions please contact:
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Latest change log:

Bugfixes, enhancements and new functionality to set tariffs.

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Version Arch OS Updated
0.3.31 Universial Android 5.1+ 2023-10-17 (1 month ago)
0.3.30 (3 variants) Bundles Universial Android 5.1+ 2023-09-30 (2 months ago)
0.3.29 (2 variants) Bundles Universial Android 5.1+ 2023-09-26 (2 months ago)
0.3.27 Bundles Universial Android 5.1+ 2023-09-23 (2 months ago)
0.3.25 (2 variants) Universial Android 5.1+ 2023-09-22 (2 months ago)
0.3.22 Universial Android 5.1+ 2022-10-01 (1 year ago)