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Sarky Aj review Sarky Aj
Level 246
Stuck on this kevel for months now and doing my nut in sooo uninstalling smh
Just installed this game and it isn't working, can you please fix it so I can enjoy it
Philip James review Philip James
very Good
Kauthar Jackson review Kauthar Jackson
when i want to use my goldbars to finish a level or buy boosters it keep on showing me no internet connection whilest my internet in on and game close unexspectedly can u please fix this problem even after up dating still get the same problem
P Zamor review P Zamor
I can't deal with the cheating.
I literally just won the southeast challenge and yet they just completely shorted me out of my prize AFTER i spent my money on gold bars. So not happy.
Brenda James review Brenda James
I have not earned gold since I first started.
Would really, really, really like to win Gold Bars!!!!! Still going 4 the gold. Could be makers that be answer feed back?????
susan shelton review susan shelton
Very glitchy!
Love the game! It for 10-20 seconds after every move. Extremely annoying!!
naeem akhtar review naeem akhtar
Coooooooooool game ?
I really love this game so much that I can't even think to unistall it but I think the only problem r gold bar , u should give 100 bars and friends Omg they gives me so many lives every day thanks
Kiley Thompson review Kiley Thompson
I def would have given it a 5, BUT I've reached level 70 and it won't let me go any further because I need more neighbots. This is my favorite game and I no longer can play it cuz of that
It is fun so far the beginning of the game is always fun and easy I invited my friends to come and join with me I want them to eat my dust so far come join with me
Wesley Richard review Wesley Richard
Let's face it, I'm a hopeless Bubble Witch junkie ?
Jan Holicza review Jan Holicza
Bubble Witch
Great game very addictive
kirsty charlton review kirsty charlton
Not happy
Was only connected to 'King ' for the game, but since update it automatically connects me to Facebook which I DON'T want. I have got so far please don't make me have to start all over again !!!!!!
Kilgore Trout review Kilgore Trout
You need another update, the world game isn't recognising wins and giving rewards. Love the game, played it forever but these screw ups are getting a bit much.
galen johnson review galen johnson
Great game!
Very fun and addictive also! Updates were nice also thanks so much!