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Bubbu – My Virtual Pet
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Meet Bubbu, your new virtual pet. He is a cute, emotional and adorable cat who loves to eat tasty food, take selfies, visit friends and dancing. Have fun at Bubbu’s home and find out other secrets about your pet’s life. He will surprise you for sure! Explore Bubbu's colorful world with many adventurous activities!

• Bubbu is waiting for you to be fed, dressed, cuddled and bathed. This lovely cat needs your love and attention every day, so take good care of him from morning to midnight. In one word, make sure your kitty is always happy and smiling, but never hungry, sleepy, sick or bored.

• Take Bubbu to the funky showroom and dress him up stylishly. Also don’t forget to make a dream house for your lovely pet. Customize and decorate it with an awesome collection of furniture to make kitty’s home beautiful, warm and cozy.

• Over 30 fun mini-games will provide you with food or with coins to buy items for your virtual cat. Have fun playing Catcher, Cat Connect, Find the Cat, 2048, Paint the Cat, Jump, Pop Balloons, Cheese Builder, Fish Ninja, Cat Sings, Nightmare, Jumping Cat, Diver, Stick Ninja, etc. Challenge your friends and follow their high scores through global leaderboard.

• Spin the wheel of fortune every day, complete daily challenges and explore friends' houses to get some extra rewards. Finishing achievements gives you free diamonds to buy something special for your pet!

• Bubbu's land offers you tons of activities. Customize Bubbu’s house into a lovely cat villa. You can grow organic food in the garden and milk a cow everyday as a real farmer. Pimp your cool car and get ready for a hill ride. Take a walk to the seaside and fish or go diving. You can go to the city or even travel into space by rocket to defend your planet against alien invasion. Play football and basketball, pass across sea rocks or climb up the tree. Try to change between day and night and enjoy listening to the sounds of mother nature.

If you have ever wanted your own cat, this game is a perfect choice for you. So, come on, what is keeping you? Adopt Bubbu and make him the happiest virtual cat ever!

This game is free to play but certain in-game items and features, also some of those mentioned in game description, may require payment via in-app purchases which cost real money. Please check your device settings for more detailed options regarding in-app purchases.
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Bubbu – My Virtual Pet APK reviews

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Aleah H review Aleah H
I like this game and I'm going to say now - this is the ~BEST~ virtual pet game! Good Job, Bubadu! The first virtual pet game I played was Pou. It was my favorite (and still is) but this is my other FAVORITE virtual pet game! Pou: ? (This is what everyone calls Pou but the game says he's an alien) Bubbu: ? :-) I care about this game! Bubbu is so cute and I love when he talks (Well, I THINK it's talking).
Cindee Saenger review Cindee Saenger
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Rod Van Beek review Rod Van Beek
My 3 year old loves this very cute game and the dog version Duddu. He will play it for hours in the car on long trips. I played with him the first time for him to start learning, and he took it from there. There are a lot of pop ups for other games, I had to show him how to close those, and it hasn't been a big problem.
Amanda Harris review Amanda Harris
I honestly can't say enough good things about it. It's literally perfect for my 2 year old to my 9 year old its easy and so fun and teaches responsibly and have added great additional new things in updates including Christmas right now. It's the best game and my favorite, I even play it lol. Top download suggestion!
This is a really good game with a lot to it you can cook, clean and play, with lots of available things like brushing your teeth and a mini cooking game to make bread which you can eat. This is the best virtual pet game I've come across and have no intention on deleting it.
A Rose review A Rose
Super cute!
I have to say this is one of the most fun app games I've played. It's a great time filler and there's always something to do! The mini games are really cute too. All in all I haven't had any issue except sometimes when I want to double the gold by watching a video it won't load and I don't get the extra gold, but I won't blame the makers for that... The game it self is so super cute~
Kurstin Clute review Kurstin Clute
This was an amzing app and i completely loved it. The only thing i did not like about it was how i would have to play other games to make him happy. I wish i could just pet him or something. But overall i give it a ??
Kia Deas review Kia Deas
This little game is an AWESOME time waster. I love it!! My four year old is always taking my phone to play with 'Bubbu-Kitty'. The controls and games are both simple and interactive enough to hold a child's attention as well as an adult's...DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!
I liked it It's very Inspiring to get your own cat I don't know if anyone else thinks that but I do.Ok some things could have been better Luke the cat meows and I tap in the leader board button and it freezes for like 2 secs and then doesn't show up and one if the games called defend bubbu Land is pointless I can't move the rocket ship anywhere delete that game!!! And I would tap the a freinds house and it would work then i leave and tap the same house and it's a completely different cat! That's kinda weird but everything else besides those things are fine! Please update these complaints thanks! ?
Ce Ce Reese review Ce Ce Reese
The game is fun and the cat is cute. The problem I have with this game is that when it offers to double your prize it will only open the link if under 40 coins. It still offers it you just can't connect to the link.
Unable to play- it keeps saying bubbu has stopped. Please resolve. My daughter is a big fan of Bubbu
A very good game
It is much more better than talking tom or anything else you can bake food for him you can do many things in this game you can even explore the outside world it is fun i love it so much??????❄?????
leeloominai100 review leeloominai100
Alma Shannon review Alma Shannon
Doesn't allow restore purchases?
I paid to remove adds and get gems but when installing on a new device even when connected with Google games it wants me to pay to remove ads again? I know it's only 2$ but why not just be able to restore it on another device?