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Make burgers, shakes and more in this Android™ version of this exciting food-making game that has been enjoyed by millions of fans on the PC/Mac and online. After receiving a set of strange blueprints in the mail, you build an extraordinary food-making contraption and open a restaurant. Your goal? Make tasty food and satisfy your customers as you try to discover the truth behind the mysterious blueprints. Burger Shop® is a fun and addicting time management game that features endless play.

Get ready for food-making fun with Burger Shop!

This Free Version of Burger Shop lets you play 20 levels of Story Mode and 2 restaurants in Challenge and Relax mode. If you enjoy the game, you can upgrade this game to the Full Version with a one-time payment!

• 80 Story Levels and 80 Expert Story Levels!
• Challenge Modes and Relax Modes!
• 8 different restaurants!
• Over 60 different food items!
• 96 trophies to earn!
• Unlimited play!

Burger Shop offers endless play with four different play modes!


• Story Mode - Build your Burger empire and discover the secrets behind the mysterious BurgerTron!

• Challenge Mode - Play lightning fast one-minute rounds - but don't lose a customer or it's all over!

• Relax Mode - Serve food without any pressure or stress. Customers are infinitely patient.

• Expert Story Mode - So, you think you are the Burger Master? Put your food-making skills to the test!

Available in 12 languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.

Burger Shop APK reviews

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Rachel Black review Rachel Black
No lagging, no adds man its the best game ever love to play on it!
Jessica Worster review Jessica Worster
I love it. It's challenging
It has ALOT of things to do, and it takes ALOT of effort. You have to be very focused. It is a very good time waster
Kenzi Starks review Kenzi Starks
Soooooo Addicting
Love this game i have it on my computer, my ipad and now my phone i love yhis game that much. I just can't stop playing it. So fun
Susan Murray review Susan Murray
Sometimes the game will not allow you to serve a drink(usually cola)leading to a lost customer.as I have paid for this game I expected more.fix this and I will give the game 5 stars!
Mandi Biller review Mandi Biller
Such a blast!!
I'm picky when it comes to restaurant games, and this one is awesome! Fast paced fun that will help kill time.
Jake Gordon review Jake Gordon
This is so good and fun well I think and if you think it is not fun and good well that's you problem???
Shayaan Ghazfa review Shayaan Ghazfa
GooD FooD Game
:-) It is good game but it takes many. Space but no problem because it is cooking game n I love cooking that's why no problem I install this game
Hannah Johnson review Hannah Johnson
Love it but…
I love this game I even got my name in the Hall of fame it's like an addiction but I also hate it because you have to pay the pictures for the app are misleading it says 80 levels but it doesnt say you have to pay for them there are barely any free levels I finished the whole game in a day I get tired of playing the same things over and over… I think I deserve something for being one of the top players!
Marilyn Kimi review Marilyn Kimi
I have ungraded & purchased the full version but i dont seem to be getting the full version ? which sucks cause i really like this game. Please sort this out. Thanks
Bridget Ackley review Bridget Ackley
Game is great
Because I can see that well I love to play this game but it is hard to do what time I wish it would slow down a little bit more. Also some of the things that hard for me to see between the small and large items you need to have more differentiating sizes. I would highly recommend this game though I think its fun and addicting but I would really like to know how to slow things down just a bit.
Keisha John review Keisha John
Very fun, no annoying adds or prompts to buy stuff so is great. Very fun!
Michelle Anders review Michelle Anders
Burger shop
Great game no prying, tracking you "special permissions" crap. Really ? My information is no ones business. Pictures, phone id and network info, the ability to prevent my phone from shutting off and deleting info off my phone? That is down right invasion of privacy and no business of the developers or anyone else. This is the best game I have found that is not intrusive. We need more games that dont require invading our phones.
Janiya Thacker review Janiya Thacker
So much fun! Its really hard and fast but its a lot of fun! But I'm getting ready to delete this game because after you play a few levels it asks you to pay money for the other levels. I didnt see that when I first downloaded it. It kinda sucks. So don't bother downloading it.
Tawana Rucker review Tawana Rucker
Really fun BUT, can only play 2 levels B4 ur forced to purchase. Therefore it's not getting 5 stars for that reason!!! But I'll give it 4 since I've completed the game.
Nettie Jones review Nettie Jones
Wonderful Game
I love this game so much! It is a difficult game to put down.