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Febrian Purnomo Putra review Febrian Purnomo Putra
Untuk developer fiturnya ditambah lagi seperti isi bensin, bayar tarif tol Dan Masih banyak lagi tapi ada masalah yaitu graphic banyak yang crash TOLONG DIPERBAIKI DEVELOPER saya suka sekali sama game ini makasih
Naif fake fake fake 100%fake review Naif fake fake fake 100%fake
This game wants so much changes need lights on highway posts,more horns such as air hones ,need rainy season and fix working viper,need more light on roof and interior of the bus ,and need to fill more passengers to the bus .Want some ticket counters where passengers can buy tickets.and provide some pedestrians walking on the road. IF ALL THESE ARE FIXED THIS GAME IS ONE OF THE MOST BEST SIMULATOR IN PLAY STORE
Md Ratan review Md Ratan
this is best games I've ever found & play but I can't make a trip. so please show the road map & easily to makes trip & needed more peoples on the road.
rezki zahrain review rezki zahrain
The best bus simulator for android!, Mantap buat updatenya, tp wipernya fungsikan mas broo,fungsikan career mode, buat bisa naik turunin penumpang, tambahkan cuaca, buat spbu dan gerbang tolnya berfungsi, mungkin itu saja, request skin bus litha & co dong mas broo, hehe Semangat terus bus simulator indonesia!,
ye pyae review ye pyae
the car needs more lights at night and I don't know how to choose map.If someone knows,explaim pls
veronica mburuma review veronica mburuma
Good game but add more people or passenger s to see them enter to the bus buy ticket add more bus like yutong and others great game
Fuddu game waste your time and net pack
Doni Fatah review Doni Fatah
Terus kembangkan, Maleo keren dah. Love it!!! Kita tunggu updatenya. Buat gerbang tol bayar biar keren, terus bikin SPBU bisa kepake isi bahan bakar.
Moch Ilham review Moch Ilham
Cepat update lagi, dan bisa ngangkut penumpang di terminal dan jalan banyak bisnya dan track jakarta bandung dll kebuka bisa buka pintunya, bis di terminal juga dan bisa online main bareng teman, mode siang subuh dan malam
Susilo Susanto review Susilo Susanto
Mantap..update trs gan supaya sperti sungguhan, file gede tak masalah yg penting joss?
Irin Bae review Irin Bae
Mas kurang luas mapnya..plus tambah misi ..kalo bisa multiplayer
Ronald Allen review Ronald Allen
Best bus sim I've played. Give us option to have different settings for pedals. Would love to have gas from pedal on right side & brake on left or for manual setting gas pedal & brake pedal on right & clutch pedal on left. Give us working wipers with different weather conditions. Give a switch to put lights on with high & low beam without shutting off lights. The turning signal needs to work with the steering wheel. Need more detailed, realistic interiors. Want to see the passengers in the buses etc. Keep improving. Great work otherwise.
athikesh sree review athikesh sree
Loved it, awesome game... Addictive!!! But bugs to add , I will tell it number wise 1: Add some more decorative things to bus like curtain in windshield, some dolls, some led lights to bus 2: Some more buses 3: Add that performance soon , I am waiting for that. 4: Please make another game with many countries like bordeaux not only Indonesia and some buses of volvo... Thats all guys loved this game... Please make another update or game faster because delays make irritation. .......
Amol Kamble review Amol Kamble
This game is perfect sample of bus simulator game. My kid and me too much mad for this game. But, I have request or suggestions to you that, can we play this game offline with career mode ?. Need different whether conditions, like rainy season with wiper on off switch. More cities with more hill climbing roads. Please do it as soon as possible. Awaiting....
Omsai nallagasha review Omsai nallagasha
Plse also make seasons like rainy or wheater features like cloudy, rainy Plse fix this then also wiper button and also more routes and places. Bus was too slow and plse give realistic mountain roads,like hair pin curves .Bus brake was not so hard keep it hard and also steering power was too poor make it powerful.plse Update with this features as soon as possible