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Pranay Sharma review Pranay Sharma
Great app!
Quick, comfortable and helpful app for making documents on the go.
Reliance Reliance review Reliance Reliance
D McCook
I use this for work and it's a fantastic tool to have when you work remote from the office and you need to scan documents or site plans.
nick sady review nick sady
Great but....
Having the app name drop down to two lines really messes with my ocd and I hate it. Ive never seen another app do this.
Arpit Tandon review Arpit Tandon
Works Brilliantly
Earlier, I used office lens on Windows phone and I found it to be really good. When I switched to Android, I was skeptical if I could anything that good. Camscanner works excellent, as good as Office Lens.
Subhash Sharma review Subhash Sharma
Excellent APP
This app has made my professional work so easy that I cannot do without this anymore. Save your documents, bills and receipts, Certificates and so many other important documents and save them in the cloud to easily retrieve anytime you need them. Further I can scan a document and save it as a Microsoft Word file. This app has become an integral part of my daily life. Really an excellent APP!
greenfarmer77 review greenfarmer77
Serves Its Purpose
I have used the app for several years for copying old documents in couethouses. It does a good job, but occassionally it seems to crop the pages without rhyme or reason. It just takes some extra time to edit.
Micky Quintana review Micky Quintana
Dishonest, paid for features that have been removed.
Used to have text recognition included. Now you have to pay an over priced monthly fee.
Aliya Shaariff review Aliya Shaariff
Awesome app
Love how simple and user friendly it is.
Vannak Kann review Vannak Kann
Remove the license app
Seriously I paid for the license. It should have an option to remove the stupid icon. Why is there a need for 2 app icons. Or at lease give us an option to hide it.
naveen inkane review naveen inkane
Bad experience to me
Scan documents automatically deleted and we never see it again , so bad and worst apps , not recommended to download this App
Matthew Gomez review Matthew Gomez
Amazing app
Great app. Easy to use and very effective for office works. Good job.
Brian Holm-Hansen review Brian Holm-Hansen
Works Great!!
With CamScanner I can produce high quality scans very quickly using my phone. Creating a multi-page PDF is quick and efficient! I happily paid for the full license. It was easily worth every penny! Thank You!
Satpal Kapoor review Satpal Kapoor
I have been using the application since last three years and find it very handy to store my documents by just one click on the go.
Aman Kumar review Aman Kumar
Student friendly
Its really a gud tool in the hand of students...and help us in all aspects in our academic things
Siddhartha Jangam review Siddhartha Jangam
Great App for Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus. Using every day, really helpful. Great scan quality, Great speed, No errors.