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Won't go any further than room 10. Repeat room 10 4 times and still won't go to the next room
Not good enough to pay for
I didn't buy bonus levels after finishing some free ones without finding all clues. On one level I randomly moved toy tanks around and got a card which opened the door, without figuring out any clues.
Wendy Midgett review Wendy Midgett
Too many weapons!
What's up with that? Usually have good time playing this dev team games, but this one I quit in the 5th level because of weapon use.
China Dolk review China Dolk
Really all my data you should tell people that you only get part of the game and the adds up you getting tired of this
Melanie McMann review Melanie McMann
Time passer
These get boring after a while. But they are fun.
Brenna Bower review Brenna Bower
Not bad
It's not bad, it's pretty easy, my 6yr old loves to play it with me. I'm hoping it gets more challenging, but it's nice to play with him..
diana cassidy review diana cassidy
Not as difficult as some escape games! I don't mind the ads, be nice if have had more rooms!
upperhutt jandles review upperhutt jandles
Why do idiots complain about having to pay for this game? Its an awesome game and worth every cent.... LOSERS... Well done team another EXCELLENT game...
antonisha evans review antonisha evans
Love this game!!!
The game is very addicting but im just upset that we have to pay for the rest of the levels?
Mesha Henry review Mesha Henry
The Pay
I have to pay to unlock level 11 but other than that cool game
Melissa Bragg review Melissa Bragg
Love playing these games, but wish there were more free levels! I'd give 5 stars if that were different :/
Jana Wahba review Jana Wahba
Good game
I like it but the problem is there are locked levels
john Lancaster review john Lancaster
Love these games!!!
They have enough advertising WHY MUST WE PAY AFTER 10 LEVELS??????????? I'd give you 5 stars if you weren't So damn greedy!!!!
Started great but not buying to get on to next stage
Mike Krzeminski review Mike Krzeminski
Can you escape Deluxe
Escape game