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Jennifer Shealy review Jennifer Shealy
Dropped star. .game keeps cutting out
The game cuts out on my new Droid phone but not on any other device. Have tried turning phone on and off and un/reinstalling several times. It only does this when I play in my bedroom. Asked Verizon about this and they say it's an issue with the app. Makes no sense to me! Any suggestions. Otherwise awesome game!
Thiago Lobo review Thiago Lobo
O jogo tem potencial pra ser ótimo e poderia se espelhar mais nos modos de Bejeweled. Mas chega a ser ridícula a forma como o nível dos estágios sobe aleatória e drasticamente, praticamente obrigando o usuário a gastar dinheiro pra passar. E é MUITO dinheiro: você compra um jogo AAA de PC pelo preço de uns dois Charm daqui.
Carol Falls review Carol Falls
Kinks in the program
Although fun and addictive, I've had my boosters disappear from me more than twice. Kind of disappointed. Went from 5 stars to 1 because of this. As of 9/15/16, game has same problem. Just lost abot 35 boosters.
Brenna Riker review Brenna Riker
It's not a bad game. I'm a little pissed that everyone is getting the dragon quest but for some reason I'm not.
Animesh Bhargava review Animesh Bhargava
Lost all data
I really like this app but today it kept on crashing. I restarted the app and phone but issue seems some data got corrupted.then I had to reinstall but even after Facebook login I lost all my powers I had collected over the time. It remembered my level but all powers lost.
ricky barrett review ricky barrett
Owned the app now for a few years due to the help of Facebook and popular demand I made the choice to and still to this day make it must have for all my devices, though lately I somewhat became more of a google play gamer but before all that I have hardly played it as seen by the level I'm on now at the time of this post, love it now and it rules my free time daily!! and even cuts into my structure nowadays
THIS GAME IS Cool Chit you can never get enough CANDY LOL CRUSH
MzShawny W review MzShawny W
The need to pay or have friends send tickets to get to a new level makes you not want to play the game. I'll stick to Cookie Jam!
Lady Punxks review Lady Punxks
I havent played it in months. Just downloaded last night @ 10pm & I can say its hella addictive Its 6:12am & It gets better & more addictive i cant stop playing it. I already killed one battery on one of my phones. So im using my other phone to continue. Rate 5 stars. Its the most fun, addictive,challenging game ever! Its a must download! ❤ LOVEIT.
Heeljepe he p2jwiev you're 1 for a few minutes before you leave for the airport at home and I will be there at office Depot and Lowe's and get
The Comedian review The Comedian
Michael Velasquez review Michael Velasquez
If you arnt a mindless human you can tell that the game will abuse you and try to rape you into buying stupid stuff that provides no advantage. until the GAME decideds after 10-50 tries and gives you moves that will progress through the level. It's all set to mess with you. Other then that it's a good time killer
Guillian Cittadino review Guillian Cittadino
Very well-rounded for puzzle players
I like the difficulty progression as the levels increase. Also I find the combos you do in here to be rather outstanding. Makes for some great whammies when clearing the board. I also like the variations in each level where it doesn't just stay in the same old rules for each round. The rewards are pretty nice the fact that they give freebies out every few round makes it pretty worth the effort as you venture through each round. If you're a strategy or puzzle fan, this game is a number 1 A-lister.
harish someshetti review harish someshetti
I really liked this game just download it and the gameplay is very superb and just time pass game please download and play
Rosa Arechiga review Rosa Arechiga
Best game ever including soda saga and jelly​

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