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Candy Fever
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Welcome to Candy Fever! Candy Fever is a brand new match-3 candy game. Play almost 150 pleasantly yummy puzzle levels and start a sugary and delicious adventure in Candy Fever!

∷ Switch and match 3 or more cute candies
∷ Collect candies, and complete level targets
∷ 3 fascinating map scenes: Sunny Farm, Candy Cane Forest, Chocolate Pool
∷ Challenging but interesting obstacles: Cookies, Coffee, Ice, etc.
∷ Eye-catching and adorable candy graphics with glamour and charm
∷ Powerful boosters & amazing power-ups help to level up
∷ Make hundreds of combos to pass levels strategically
∷ Play with friends: Can you be the best in your friends’ circle?
∷ Less moves = Higher score
∷ FREE and FUN for everyone

Candy Fever APK reviews

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Impossible to pass level 3 14, so sorry for uninstall
sonika nair review sonika nair
It's good for time pass.. however I hate the ad's in the middle
This game is very nice 😉 but some levels are very difficult 😕 .
Christa Du preez review Christa Du preez
Candy Fever
Like it since I can't play Candy Crush on my tab. And can I play with friends cause its get boring if their no friends to play with each other. So far so good
Renee Leighton review Renee Leighton
Candy fever
Starts out fun but gets very hard to get quota when the colors I need are few and far between. I get bored if I have to replay the same level 4 to es and not even get close. There are too many other games out there to waste time on this.
Jason Kho review Jason Kho
Candy Fever
This is the best game I've ever play. Some people say easy some people say hard. But for me I say it is easy because every level I played I get 3 stars.
cherylann stephen review cherylann stephen
Just found out that I'm playing two of the same game so I'm going to delete this one (on Google Play)
gao ke review gao ke
Candy Fever Fun, and different types of challenges . To keep you interested. Far from being boring .
Lauren Bishop review Lauren Bishop
I love the game.
It only 4 stars for now. It the ads not working right I click on ads but nothing happens. I want to use booster for harder levels. If you fix it will be 5 stars. It a great game otherwise.
Pam Davis review Pam Davis
Candy Fever
Candy Fever is far better than all the candy Crush games put together .
曹彬 review 曹彬
Candy matching game is my favorite, and this one is the best I have ever played!!
susan kennedy review susan kennedy
Like it
It's a Gd game
Xu Han review Xu Han
Wowoh! ! Candies! That"s my love ! Good game ! 5 star!
Keneisha Campbell review Keneisha Campbell
It's ok like playing I get bored easy jus need to see some more new features
Fun 2 play and good time water