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Alex Pierrard review Alex Pierrard
Love the game, great time killer. Please, tweak the AI so they don't drive every auction into negative profit though, I'm lucky if I can actually get 1 car in 10 that I try to buy and actually make some money off it
ega pawana review ega pawana
Gearhead Garage like
This game looks like gearhead garage in the earlier computer game. I love that game, so, I'll love this game too.
Dhyaksa Dresthanta Diptatama review Dhyaksa Dresthanta Diptatama
I lost my save file
I was lost my save file after updating new version. And I cant see the car. Just blue at the screen
James Hayes review James Hayes
Awesome game!
Enjoy playing. You are not bombed with adds every second. Just wish it was not so power hungry. Still 5 star for not being greedy. Thanks
Anthony Furia review Anthony Furia
It's pretty good
The only thing I'd recommend is that you don't instantly sell a car that you buy and fix, but have the option to keep it. Seriously, I've had this car I wanna keep in my garage unfinished for a while now.
Mauricio Rodriguez review Mauricio Rodriguez
I downloaded it yesterday and I was having fun, but with the update today it just crashes. Please fix it.
Simon Wardell review Simon Wardell
Would be 5 star
I enjoy it to pass the time, BUT you wont get 5 stars from until the ads are re configured, i dont mind playing a game with ads. But after every job is just stupid. The game seems to be more for ad pushing than it is for enjoyment. And the price to remove ads seems a little steep for what the game actually is.
Wes Jones review Wes Jones
Not bad
I can't figure out how to clean air conditioning units but other than that I feel that tutorials need a little more detail. But very fun. But now I'm stuck because I have every vehicle needing an air conditioning unit repaired and I can't do it. Please if someone could help
Collin Bailey review Collin Bailey
Not even close to being accurate.
Those "cables" are called spark plug wires and the "Block A" and "Block B" on the brakes are called brake pads and you always replace those with the rotors together unless you can machine the rotors. also... the brake caliper alone isnt going to cause a "screeching" noise... that noise would be from the brake pads being to worn 85% of the time. And an air filter isn't going to cause the engine to die under acceleration. Needs work. The creators need to learn a few things about cars.
Eric Patterson review Eric Patterson
It kills time until you can't stand the stupid descriptions of the problems. I've been a mechanic for 30 years and I have never seen a can of spray on microbes make the AC cool better, or tapping a headlight or tail light work. Get an actual mechanic to help you do this game, and get some freaking cars that people WANT to work on.
Chris Bellechasse review Chris Bellechasse
Great game easy to pick up and learn. I like how you can get coins from completing task but what I don't like is that it takes forever to even make any kind of cash. I buy lots of upgrades for shop for more bonus and still can't make any decent cash kind of frustrating.
Michael Oberle review Michael Oberle
Good concept
I like this game, I think it's great for those who have no car knowledge and need a Lil insight on what the mechanic has to do. Now the downside is the part names. They are incorrect and need to be fixed. I do my own work on my vehicles and I know for a fact these part names are rediculous. Fix them and then you'll get 5 stars
Andres Brotons Llach review Andres Brotons Llach
I don't understand, why the game crashed and restored all my purchases and lose my earned money game. The game is very funny, but annoys when after you advance and pay for the purchases you lose EVERYTHING and can't restore any purchase, and the developers don't respond your emails.
n00blit review n00blit
Progress is not saved
Changed phones and logged in on google play games and I have to start from the beginning.
Gary Matthews review Gary Matthews
Sony Xperia Z5
It's an improvement from the last one however one thing is missing. I would like the option to buy parts whenever I feel so. Maybe there could be weekly specials at the part shop so we could go each week and stock up on parts if we wish too. Also, would be nice if we can buy stock parts or sports parts at any time. By placing sport parts onto a bought car, the car can sell for a higher price.