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Card XE is one of the most convenient applications which has been created for the management of and exchange of business cards. The Cardxe is a MUST HAVE for people with professions such as sales professionals, entrepreneurs & businessmen for easy designing, exchanging & managing business cards on smartphones.


Scanning: The app scans & stores business cards on your smartphone.
Sharing Info: Easily share your electronic business cards with people in seconds.
Notes and Reminders:Using Cardxe, you can add notes & reminders to your contacts easily.
Updates:Using Cardxe update your contacts without any problems.
Preserving important docs: Save notes or business information like meeting place etc with contacts.
Information Addition:Add websites, email, industry & other pertinent information to business cards.
Location Tagging:Integrated map locations for navigation assistance to contact address.
Designing Cards: Design the cards, select the designs that you need to create business cards.
QR Code Creation: Create QR code easily and edit card information.
Password Creation: Protect your information by creating passwords.
Easy access:Gain access to the information regarding your contacts across several devices.
Multi Lingual:You can manage your contacts from all parts of the world via 17 different languages.

Recognized Languages: English, Swedish, Itallian, French, danish, russian, chinese, japanese, spanish, etc.

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