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Carrier Services enables the latest communication services from mobile carriers.

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Offers Free
Developer Google LLC
Category Apps, Communication
Requirements 6.0

Carrier Services APK description

Carrier Services provides services to support RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging in Google’s Messages app. It collects diagnostic and crash data to ensure these services operate smoothly.

Please see the Google Play store entry for Google’s Messages app for more information on Carrier Services’ data collection and sharing practices in support of RCS messaging.
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Download (9.21 MB)

Latest change log:

● Bug fixes and stability improvements

Other version

Version Arch OS Updated Universial Android 6+ 2022-09-27 (3 days ago)
120.0.470719849-carrierservices_20220829_RC00 Universial Android 6+ 2022-09-20 (1 week ago)
119.0.472832309-carrierservices_20220822_RC01 Universial Android 6+ 2022-09-15 (2 weeks ago)
119.0.469187004-carrierservices_20220822_RC00 Universial Android 6+ 2022-09-13 (2 weeks ago)
118.0.470856526-carrierservices_20220810_RC02 Universial Android 6+ 2022-09-08 (3 weeks ago)
118.0.470082550-carrierservices_20220810_RC01 Universial Android 6+ 2022-09-02 (4 weeks ago)
117.0.469215281-carrierservices_20220808_RC01 Universial Android 6+ 2022-09-01 (4 weeks ago)
117.0.466044276-carrierservices_20220808_RC00 Universial Android 6+ 2022-08-25 (1 month ago)
116.0.467714949-carrierservices_20220801_RC01 Universial Android 6+ 2022-08-21 (1 month ago)
115.0.462142797-carrierservices_20220720_RC00 Universial Android 6+ 2022-08-10 (1 month ago)