CarX Drift Racing APK

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More than 30,000,000 people around the world downloaded CarX!
Warning! Be careful, this application may attract you on many hours, don't forget to have a rest at least every 40 minutes!

- CarX Drift Racing gives you a unique experience in the handling of sport cars by the simple and the intuitive way
- If you like to drift, get ready to spend many hours playing this game
- Use separate handbrake button to start drifting
- Paint donuts burning tires
- Animation of the deep smoke while drifting

- Insane feeling of powerful sport cars
- Unique driving on different surfaces - asphalt, grass, sand
- Racing on high detailed tracks
- You can customize your handling scheme
- You can select different setups for every car - Stock, Turbo, Racing, Drift
- You can change color of your car and discs
- Live cameras and replays
- You can upload your best replays to youtube

- Win cups and earn coins
- Unlock 40 sport cars and new tracks
- Ghost Mode for competing with your best race

- Compete with your friends and beat world records
- Time attack racing mode with worldwide ranking

- Original engine sound for every car
- Simulated turbo sound and the blow off valve!

NEW licensed sound tracks

- Your COINS, unlocked cars and tracks are saved on your device
DO NOT DELETE game before you update it, or all your progress will be LOST!
- To make game run faster close all another applications in task manager
[double click round button and drag another applications upside]
- LIKE for news and updates

If you like to play high-end racing games, get ready to spend many hours playing CarX.
Enjoy your time with CarX Drift Racing!

CarX Drift Racing APK reviews

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Alaa Alghadban review Alaa Alghadban
Car x
I loved it , its special game try to play this game
Braden Kidd review Braden Kidd
I like it but
I am addicted to this game, but I was supposed to be given a certain amount of coins for signing up for the news letter and didnt receive the full amount I was shown I was going to get.
Djonkata Mehmedov review Djonkata Mehmedov
Good game but
If you do a online will be perfect or lan something :)
Phil Aylmer review Phil Aylmer
Multi player? More cars more customisation on cars and way more maps? Love the game other than that
Kamal Williams review Kamal Williams
Its...Ok but needs lots of work
1. I absolutely hate the timer that tells you how long you have to race. 2. The fact that theres no more track multiplier. 3. The cars feel like they lack horsepower and torque. 4. The game crashes every time I get back to the garage after using the new car. 5.Needs a color blind mode 6.Yes thank you for makibg things cheaper but I feel its harder to get coins.
Thomas Batson review Thomas Batson
Is a great drift game there is only a cople things i dont car for but by far the best one ive download yet..they need to add 2x on the next track when you buy it
Makram Elias review Makram Elias
Thank you
I'm glad you fixed the issue with the graphics, could not be more happy to rate it 5 starts again. Wouldn't do much but at least it would express how happy I'm at this moment.
Aaryan Garg review Aaryan Garg
Awesome app but needs more cars
Everything is really good all the engine sounds, the customization options but it could use more popular cars like mustang, camaro, challenger, etc.
Blostur Gaming review Blostur Gaming
Good game
I love it. Simple like that
brendon hunt review brendon hunt
Awsome game reminds me of forza only it's for your phone e works well on mine I have a galaxy s6 active ,has good graphics and never lag s
Kyler Escobar review Kyler Escobar
It is really cool they should just make the car prices lower
Mikey Street review Mikey Street
It's getting better.
The games getting better with each update my only problem is the lack of customisation. Hopefully this gets sorted. Apart from that good all round drifting game
Alex Smokesalot review Alex Smokesalot
It's the best drifting game in the playstore
James Cassidy review James Cassidy
Carx drifting racing
Really enjoy playing this game
Rameez Agnew review Rameez Agnew
Like it
Wat dd use update wen the update is better I will gve 5stars