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Cascade: Jewel Matching Adventure
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Dig into this one-of-a-kind brain teaser game where you aim and launch gems to create matches and solve puzzles! Finally, a matching puzzle game made for adults! Cascade is a unique puzzle match game; train your brain to line up gems from each column and launch them into brilliant gem matches! Plan your moves carefully to use each gem match in the best order to achieve each level’s goal. Create matches by replacing a gem of the same color or replace a different colored gem to create bigger matches.

This clever puzzle game is more than smart, it’s also loaded with adventure and fun! Join cute critters to journey through dozens of delightful hand-painted lands to unlock treasure, collect gold, and solve more than 900 unique puzzles! Go on quests, explore side levels, play in tournaments, and take on special Google Challenges and win free prizes with the Daily Spin!

? Unique Matching Gameplay
• Aim gems in each column then launch to create matches of 3 or more
• Strategize each match to use as many gems from the tray as possible
• Get new gems when you’re out of matches by pressing the spin button
• Clear all gems from the tray to play the next round FREE

?Off the Beaten Path
• Discover more puzzles with Side Levels
• Explore special caves to find treasure chests
• Get free prizes with Daily Spin
• Over 900 puzzles to solve!

?Fun Daily Events!
• NEW! Gifts on path to help you on your adventure!
• Play daily Quests to earn prizes
• Take on special Google Challenges on Android only!
• Play Lab Level Tournaments to compete for prizes!

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Connie Holmes review Connie Holmes
This is a fantastic puzzle game and I^m just now learning it, but so far it is so much fun that I can^t stop playing it. I didn^t want to stop even to rate it. Play it now and see for yourself!
Debbie Yarnell review Debbie Yarnell
Update: Fun & Addictive until you dont buy their additional stuff
In the beginning, you get all kinds of connecting pieces and rack up a high score. After playing a few times, i was asked to rate the game and rated it well because i WAS having fun. Right after, I began getting offers to purchase more stuff to "help" my game. After declining the offers a couple times, I began losing repeatedly. I'll be uninstalling and moving on to something else while i recover.
Becca Dawn West review Becca Dawn West
I love this game it is very addictive. It's nice to finally find a game that is challenging that I don't run out of "lives" after just a few tries. I only wish there was a way to send and receive power bonuses to and from other players. They are a little hard to earn and some levels are impossible to beat without them. For someone who likes to pass the time gaming and likes a challenge. I would recommend this game.
Dracona Thor review Dracona Thor
Some probe but good overall
It'd get 5 if 1. It had better instructions, 2. Part of the screen wasn't missing (no resizing to fit a screen with different width) and 3. Slowest loading time EVER. My phone thinks it's stopped responding all the time and I play a lot of games. Takes at least 30secs to get from one game to another
Karens Channel review Karens Channel
This game is the bomb! I didn't think I would ever find anther perfect game. I now have 2 fav games & both are from Big Fish! Solitaire Blast is the best solitaire game now & forever. No other solitaire game can compare. You're always on top of these games by keeping them fresh & interesting. Keep up the great work. You guys are brilliant & you ROCK!! Thank you!! ;)
Angela Heiling review Angela Heiling
Fun and challenging
I love how different this game is than any other match three game I've played. Really makes you think and strategize. The only complaint really is that there's no option to ask your friends for lives, so unless they decide to open the game and send everyone lives, you're out of luck.
Betty Jones review Betty Jones
CASCADE - Spin match
1.5 yrs later, still addicted. Smile. 9 Mo. later: Still a total addicting game. gotta try it! AWESOME, it's honestly ADDICTING , still my favorite. 6 Mo. later, its still one of my favorites!! It's a very different match 3 or more, because you are the one that makes the decision on where to make the match. Hard to explain, but you'll find out when you try it.
Amber Cody Williams review Amber Cody Williams
This Seems Like It Has The Potential To Be A Good Game But It Force Closes After Every Single Level... Plus When You Go Back All Your Gold Is Gone... It's More Aggravating Than Fun...
Theresa Taylor review Theresa Taylor
Oh my gosh, this game is all about careful planning. Strategy. ....every move is strategy. I LOVE It. I do play it intermittently ALL DAY, of course When I've got the time. I do Absolutely Recommend this game. You'll have so much fun and well, you too will get addicted to playing. The only thing I don't like, is running out of play time. If you are a competitive player, this game is absolutely for you. Without question !!
Rosalyn Smyth review Rosalyn Smyth
A fabulous game, just getting the gist of it. Quite different and yes, it makes you want to keep playing. I'll have to employ a cleaner or help with garden!!lol
Stacey Davis review Stacey Davis
Boom! Right on!
Cute and the sounds and music are a nice touch. Having fun and almost beating the top player in each round already. So far, it's been free. Boom! Fantastic! ;) *update *I am beating the top players now ;)
This is a fun game
Different than other Match 3 games. The music makes it even better
Mark Levesque review Mark Levesque
Not worth your time, if this review gets one person to not install this it will be worth it. Trash mechanics, you can feel the game screwing you over for money. Takes a hundred stages to gather any useful gold, beat all the levels in one area? Too bad play more of the same to unlock the next area with arbitrary currencies. Horrible life system if you get game over, charges you for more spins that are designed to make you hate life. 1 star.
Pookie Kemper review Pookie Kemper
Fun. I'm pretty new to the game. I find it funny and frustrating. Once I figure out what I need to do I get more points. Of course. Takes me awhile sometimes. I'm a senior, and have many distractions. Try this game interesting, and fun.
Helen Curtis review Helen Curtis
Great fun, very hard to put down once you start.