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FREE Gift Cards! FREE In-App Purchases!
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FREE Gift Cards! FREE In-App Purchases!
Try out cool new apps, collect points, and redeem those points for free gift cards!
Featuring rewards from:
? Google Play
? iTunes
? Amazon
? GameStop
? Starbucks
? Rixty
? Skype
? Best Buy
? Walmart
? Target
? eBay
? Trion
? Old Navy
? Gap
? Columbia
... and many more!!

How Do I Get Points??
It's easy, just download new apps from Cash for Apps and BOOM! receive points for these downloads within minutes. After you receive the points you can delete the app from your device.

FREE Cash You Say??
Once you've saved up enough points (300 points = $1) redeem them for a gift card from our long list of valuable rewards!

What Kind of Free Stuff Can I Get??
We have plenty of gift cards that can get you free music, in-app purchases, like gems and other gaming resources, plus much more!
**We're the only cash app out there that offers $5 iTunes cards! Which means you can redeem that free cash even faster!

How Long Will it Take Me to Get a Gift Card??
Most of our users can accumulate enough points for a free gift card within just 10 downloads! That's right, we're the fastest paying out cash app!! It's best to check daily for new offers, since some are only out for 24 hours.

How Can I Get More Points Faster??
Invite your friends to download Cash for Apps and enter your unique referral code upon registration. They receive 20 points to start, and you get 90 points as soon as they download their first app!

Already have our iOS version? Don't sweat it.. there's no need to create another account. Download Cash for Apps on any other device and log into your original account to receive more points for downloads on the same account! Just note that your points notification will only show on your original device.

Need More Information? Check out our FAQ page:
or give us a shout at [email protected] for that extra personal touch.

Cash for Apps - Free Gift Cards APK reviews

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Hitech Things review Hitech Things
This app gives good offers in countries like uk and us. In japan,china,russia,england and in india they gave only 3 offers and says to earn points with referring others. And earn points. junk app
DerpyWaffle Gaming review DerpyWaffle Gaming
I don't get any offers this is madness (I live in Lebanon by the way). Edit: Thanks for fixing the problem.
Carlos Garcia review Carlos Garcia
Great app. It's just that now my offers have reduced in points SIGNIFICANTLY. I accumulated maybe 1,000 points and the offers now are for about 10 points each.. if that...not good..also I completed like 4 surveys and didn't get my points...not happy at all
A Google user review A Google user
***DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!*** Completely Bogus. There are Promises made that are never delivered. For example An app will have a 200 point reward then after I download and install it the amount drops significantly. In one instance down to 8 points! That coupled with the fact that the points are never rewarded adds up to an EXTREMELY SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICE. I have left an application running overnight and was not rewarded even though it says to run the new app(s) for "30-60 seconds to be rewarded".The developers are getting paid for each application install they facilitate. The Developers are nothing more than snake oil salesmen. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
gamer review gamer
It is good but I am getting a problem in which it is saying that log out and then login for more apps. I did that but it is still showing the same thing and I am not getting new apps
Aalia Sharma review Aalia Sharma
join BITURO App referral : (TRSLA) for get 50 FreeGiftCardz cashinstall APPKARMA App r e f e r : (us14) get 50 FreeGiftCardz cash Honest app The are only a few apps that arelegitimate. Also use CASHPIRATE is a newer app refer (UFADVG) get 50 FreeGiftCardz cash but is very reliable. I redeemed 50 on the Mar7Th,and got the money instant. (1 date later) I would recommend this app. The Customer service also exists, they are there to answer questions and help you out. Try this App, you will like it
A Google user review A Google user
You can get cards and gifts from it though after I completed and downloaded the apps I ran out of them and the surveys are WAY too long and they don't even give you much points
it's really good but I do not receive any cards in my email. I've checked every folder including spam and it's not there. is anyone else having this problem?
Manjinder singh review Manjinder singh
It not showing me any work only showing ,"sorry, we encountered a problem.please log out of your clan log in back to see more apps". ?? but i have done it it is not working plz reply
Trista E review Trista E
My wife told me about the app, so I gave it a try. When attempting to redeem my first reward I got an email back saying I was "using several accounts" and that they were going to block me. I replied back trying to reach out for assistance and got zero response in return. Waste of time.
the average girl next door review the average girl next door
Terrible. It tricks you into doing things then blocks you out before giving you money. Dont waste your time.
Kymi Johnson review Kymi Johnson
How dare f do u use the app is there Roblox or avakin life!? boring
Liam review Liam
"Sorry, we encountered a problem. Please log out of your account and log back in to see more apps." << This is the only screen it shows me after i have logged out and back in multiple times.
Arnab Mazumder review Arnab Mazumder
I have tried to login like 1000 times but the app offers screen shows that it has encountered a problem I can't do anything now. Plz fix it
Brayden Martinez review Brayden Martinez
Bs I won't give me any new offers so I'm been stuck at 668 points 4 a week and need one more app to get new ones