CastBox: Free Podcast Player, Radio & Audio Books APK

CastBox: Free Podcast Player, Radio & Audio Books
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CastBox is an easy to use podcast player for podcast lovers.
CastBox offers a super clean layout and easy to navigate interface. With a wide category of podcasts to choose from, you can stream or download your favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime for free.

CastBox offers continuous playback with customized playlists, one-button subscription options, and the ability to download episodes for offline listening. Our mission here at CastBox is to make information accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

★🌟 Nominee of Google Play Awards 2017: Standout Startup
★ 🏆 Winner of “Top Trending Apps” from Global Best 2016 by Google Play
★ 🎊 Winner of “Most Entertaining” from Best Apps 2016 by Google Play
★ ☝️ #1 of "Top podcast player apps, 50 best podcatchers" nominated by TCC

With continuously updates carefully considering ALL your suggestions and feedback, we at CastBox are striving to build the best worldwide podcast community ever.

Listen to top Podcasts from Around the World

- Subscribe to over 1 million podcast channels including top networks like NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Earwolf, HowStuffWorks, PRX, This American Life and CBC.

- Stream or download 50 MILLION+ episodes of podcasts, radio channels & audio books for FREE.

- Search or listen to your favorite podcasts in 70 different languages.

- Discover new and trending podcasts from 16 different categories.

- Listen to podcasts in your native language or try learning a new language with our many language teaching podcasts.

- Keep track of your subscriptions with cloud syncing. Listen from any device anytime and anywhere.

- ChromeCast support! Use ChromeCast to cast your podcasts to your TV or speaker for a different listening experience.

- Amazon Echo support! Say “Alexa, play my podcasts on CastBox”, then your podcasts will start playing.

Benefits for Podcasters

- Easily upload or record your audio content via mobile or desktop device to create awesome podcasts.

- Leverage multiple channels supported by Castbox to easily share your podcast with the world.

- Use our advanced advertising algorithm to help you maximize and grow your target audience from listeners worldwide.

- No hosting fees: 100% FREE

- Unlimited storage with no audio uploading restrictions.

Other Key Features:

- Personalized recommendations based on your listening history and channel subscriptions.

- Powerful search function that allows you to find your favorite podcasters, channels and episodes.

- Discover new podcasts with CastBox’s daily trending and most popular lists.

- Simple one-click subscription for your favorite podcast channels so you never miss an episode.

- Comment on podcasts to share your opinions with others.

- Share your favorite podcasts with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

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Permissions required:
1. Microphone permissions will be required if you wish to record audio using your device using CastBox. 
2. Storage permissions will be required if you wish to: download files onto your device or SD card; save your audio recordings created with CastBox onto your device or SD card.
3. Bluetooth permissions will be required if you wish to connect CastBox to an exterior Bluetooth device such as wireless headphones or speakers.

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CastBox: Free Podcast Player, Radio & Audio Books APK reviews

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Lucas Teixeira review Lucas Teixeira
Ainda pode melhorar. Mas a velocidade com que novos recursos são implementados e o app é aprimorado, faz mercer 5 estrelas.
Garth Domingo review Garth Domingo
Love this app 👍
Works pretty good, nice clean interface and the library has my more obscure podcasts. The recommendation feature is cool as well. But the basic function and inconsistent reliability of the headphone controll is disappointing. I was hoping for a audible esq system where i can change the rewind amount via settings then click three times to go back a certain amount to rehear what was said, or twice to skip an add or musical introduction. But it just skips to the next or previous podcast when I do that. I'm going to keep the app though. It seems like a simple addition so I'll wait for an update with fingers crossed. *Edited*
Emily Borth review Emily Borth
Simple interface, easy to use, but I've found it has a couple of bugs. I'm logged in, and I've listened to several podcasts, but it always shows I have no listening history. Also, when I'm not using the app, it sometimes opens itself and I can see it in the notifications on my phone as if I am currently listening to it, though I haven't used it at all that day. Fix these minor irritations, and I'd give it 5 stars. :)
A Google User review A Google User
This app is really easy to use compared to some other podcast apps out there. I'm listening to way more podcasts since i downloaded this app
A Google User review A Google User
I absloutly love this app has all my favorite podcasts and you can download the for free!
A Google User review A Google User
Best podcast app I've found so far and the flexibility of this app is awesome!
Great App! Here are some suggestions and bugs that I found. 1. For files downloaded offline, the player shows 0B. 2. Even when the file is downloaded offline, skipping 15 seconds forward or backward is slow. 3. Option to mark as playes not there 4. Option to store offline on SD card 5. The files in offline storage could be arranged by podcast name (folder) and by title (file name) rather than being a number. 6. The image size of the podcast in the player could be bigger. There is a lot of empty space there. Rest the app is really easy to use and great looking. Looking forward for new features.
Get Better Naturally Jason Atkinson review Get Better Naturally Jason Atkinson
Gives you the ability to record and share your own podcast directly from your smartphone! You can also subscribe and listen to your favorites. The navigation is much faster than other podcast players I've used. It's super user-friendly too!
Lauren-Grace Kirtley review Lauren-Grace Kirtley
Loved this app until the last update. Now it keeps losing all my subscriptions over and over again even with log in! I've added them back 5 times now and getting really frustrated. Please fix it. Instant 5 stars if it works!
Jason Newman review Jason Newman
Tried this Beta as use old version. I can't seem to download away from Wi-Fi and also can't open up already downloaded content when away from Wi-Fi. Also I can't close the notification of the last listened to podcast. It just remains there even if I have unsubscribed from it. Overall I like the look of it but it is not usable for me and the amount of podcasts I use and get through. Please fix issues and make this a great app as I would like to come back to it.
Kevin Fox review Kevin Fox
So glad you brought back the icon! Love the app and it does need a few key features to be the best (mark as played). But this is the podcast player I'm using for the foreseeable future. Keep up the great work!
Michael B review Michael B
Quite good, and without invasive ads. Two things regarding podcast notes: It would be nice if they were in a more obvious place, and it seems like the links in the podcast info do not exist.
Random review Random
I love the app seen as I'm a content creator and editing videos can be boring but with this app it helps and it suits my on the go style. Loved ​it
zachary Blanton review zachary Blanton
This is an crappy network saying error all the time