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Build your fairy-tale kingdom and explore magical lands in CastleVille Legends, an all-new fantasy adventure where you can play anytime, anywhere and have your progress saved on all of your devices—no internet connection is required to play.

• EXPLORE a lush fantasy world filled with brave heroes, magnificent dragons, and mythical creatures.
• EXPAND your kingdom by completing quests to uncover distant, fantastical lands.
• BUILD your kingdom from enchanted workshops, fields of beautiful crops, new lush, family farm by the coast so all your friends can visit
• COLLECT online or offline with your progress saved on all your devices.
• PLAY online or offline with your progress saved on all your devices.

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CastleVille Legends APK reviews

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Jon Earl review Jon Earl
Castleville Fun!
I have played this game since it first came out and i have had issues from time to time. Now that I'm at level 60 and I have only one quest left which is Pym's Myths and I can't complete it because it was an event quest from a while ago. And my unicorn topiary that was a completed event item has disappeared! Now I'd love to see some new things on here like: HIGHER LEVELS PAST 60, NEW CHARTERS THAT CAN BE BOUGHT WITH PEARLS, LOWER CROWN PRICES FOR CURRENT CHARTERS, AND MORE NEW NORMAL QUEST.
Cynthia Torres review Cynthia Torres
Cannot connect to fb
I made a purchase of 115 crown usingmy debit and have not received my crowns yet otherwise it would be 5 stars.
Ann Hasluck review Ann Hasluck
Hate when the game crashes after you load it up. Only started to happen since the upgrade. 5 min is a long time. Then it crashes again when you hit glurb.
How do you free hazel. I am stuck on level 60 when can we get past this level. I am getting bored with this game.
Becky Schenck review Becky Schenck
The best game ever.
Mohana Debnath review Mohana Debnath
Cody Stephenson review Cody Stephenson
Would rate it higher if customer service would give gifts as well....also need to put a confirm button when you buy stuff from the ship.i keep buying stuff that i didnt want cause of scrolling through ...good Game..!