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Once upon a time, a new game appeared to lay claim to the title of the most charming Match 3 puzzle game in the world!

Welcome to Charm King!

Play now and embark on a magical journey through a fairy tale kingdom, filled with fun, adventure, and humor. Along the way you will meet unforgettable characters and solve challenging puzzles to help everybody live happily ever after.


• Completely FREE to play with THOUSANDS of charming levels
• ENJOY beautifully vivid HD graphics
• RELAX and de-stress with soothing game play and audio
• LAUGH OUT LOUD with hilarious fairy tale stories and cute characters
• CHALLENGE yourself to solve tricky puzzles
• PLAY and progress with friends
• WIN spectacular boosts to blast through challenges
• Always something new to unlock with DAILY and SEASONAL EVENTS!

Please note Charm King is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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Missy Stevens review Missy Stevens
Hard to put down.
Ann Bonds review Ann Bonds
I really loved this game but recently I've been unable to collect the cherries due to server problems or telling me I have no Internet connection when I do. I need the cherries to get the gold because this game is really really hard after level 200!
bevkolle review bevkolle
Fix your app, can't collect cherries , can't buy anything, always get "consume error" now if you want people to continue playing this game, I suggest to you .... FIX THE APP SO IT WORKS !
Y Martin review Y Martin
Update needed more testing prior to release
Troy Williams review Troy Williams
Very mind boggling
Alyson Lynch review Alyson Lynch
BUYER BE AWARE! The game is great I love it but after updates it steals all your cherries and charms you have earned. I reached out to the developer with zero response twice when it happened. They have no problem accepting money and zero problem providing nothing for it in return.
JUS Me review JUS Me
Ok, but
I don't like the fact that it only gives you 2 boosters to start with once you get them, and I think it's even more crappy that you are forced to use 1 right away for practice. That doesn't seem fair. I also can't remember what they all do, and they don't tell you again
Donna Walton review Donna Walton
Loved it, but no longer works - please fix!
I have enjoyed playing this game for quite some time. But the game started to have issues recently. For the past week, when I click on the app, it opens with a black screen that just stays. I have updated the app and then tried restarting, but it made no difference. I have other app games on my tablet and they work fine still. My verizon android tablet did get a remote update to it's operating system recently, so I am wondering if that may be the problem. I am hoping the developers update the app soon
Marie review Marie
Addicting but needs issues fixed
Ayrianna Lain review Ayrianna Lain
Better after debugging
This game used to gave many issues running on my devices. However, a recent update and reinstall appear to have fixed it. I love all of the challenging levels!
Roderick Eversley review Roderick Eversley
Why should I give you a 5 star rating when I can't play the game,if I uninstall the game then I'll lose all of the gold that I have gained
Elizabeth Rush review Elizabeth Rush
I haven't been able to get into the app for about two weeks. The screen keeps going black and freezes my phone. Are you working on a fix? I downloaded the update a couple of days ago but, it is still doing the same thing.
James Arnold review James Arnold
Ok not the best but still entertaining
I have played a lot of these match 3 type game and this one does not stand out as anything new and exciting but still addicting game for killing time.
Kerry Shelton review Kerry Shelton
Played and loved until I got to level 100 and it never opened again. Just black screen when I tried. So I uninstalled and started over from beginning only to have the same thing happen again when I got to lvl 87. I have updated, cleared cache. Done everything possible over the past 2weeks and it still doesn't open. No response to my emails either. Don't install this game,spend money, and get addicted because it will eventually just not open anymore.
Jeannie Chavez review Jeannie Chavez
Lg tablet great game
Game is fun and enjoyable. Levels so far are easy to get the game

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