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Checklist is a free ToDo list management app with which you can easily sync your life across devices and with your friends, family and colleagues. Unlike other To do apps, it is 100% Free with NO in-app purchases or monthly pro versions.

• Create an unlimited number of checklists and (sub) tasks
• Quickly get started by choosing from thousands of pre-made checklist templates (unique to our To Do app)
• Easily syncs with your online FREE account to access on other devices and from your desktop/ laptop. Works in offline mode
• Manage your tasks: check, mark important, reminders, repeat tasks, task notes, drag and drop to reorder and more
• Share your workload with friends, family and co-workers by easily inviting them and assigning individual tasks
• Let the smart lists highlight what’s important in your life right now
• Send your checklists to any app on your device (Email, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
• Quickly keep track of what’s important via the Checklist widgets
• Run Audits & Inspections via our Checklist Runner
• Multilingual
• Great to do app for both Tablets and Mobiles
• 6 different themes for you to choose from!

• A simple, clean, easy to use TODO app that keeps you on track
• Keep yourself productive by jotting down what’s important in your day
• No need to reinvent the wheel and manually input checklists. Re-use other people’s checklist templates to get a head start.
• Stay in sync with the people around you from any place and any device
• 100% free - all features are included and no in-app purchases or pro version upgrade needed.

Examples where Checklist can be useful for you:
• As your Shopping list. Create your grocery list in your browser, share it with your partner so that when they are on the way home, it is available on their (or your) mobile.
• Movies & TV series. Set weekly reminders at the right time so you never miss a show again. Keep a tab on the movies you haven’t still watched
• Private & Work. Keep them separated with a checklist for each
• Bills. Never forget to pay a bill on time. Just add a friendly monthly reminder
• Templates. Looking for a wedding checklist, moving checklist or baby checklist? Going on a trip and need a travel checklist or more adventurous and need a camping checklist? We have thousands of checklist templates to choose from
• Great for GTD - Getting Things Done

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Checklist APK reviews

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Ruth Soto review Ruth Soto
So useful! I use it all the time.
I love that I can get create different lists and even sub-lists. I like the new feature that once you check an item it automatically goes to bottom of list.
Eric Leidinger review Eric Leidinger
It's a checklist. Does exactly that.
Preeti Kumari review Preeti Kumari
Very helpful
Allan Phillips review Allan Phillips
Comprehensive task list solution
Elizabeth Salas Lopez review Elizabeth Salas Lopez
Sachin Kotian review Sachin Kotian
Simple and functional
I like the simplicity, no dealing with zillion options. The UI is also great.
Kyalin Abarabar review Kyalin Abarabar
Great app! But...
The app has all of the basic needs to a modern app but it still has room for improvement like in some cases like mine order matters and if this app is switching the order of my tasks it needs to be improved
Raoul Bova review Raoul Bova
Bad, many crashes
If i can give 0 mark, i will do it. Please don't waste your time with this app.
Prarthana Revanoor review Prarthana Revanoor
Cliff Adelman review Cliff Adelman
Simple great
John Swartz review John Swartz
Does what's needed but
Does what's needed. Works good and smooth, real simple. Can make a note and put a list of stuff under it. Only thing I didn't like was I was completing things on the list and checked em off and when I went to delete the checked items to clean up the list I accidentally deleted the whole list. I guess there's no multi select and delete. It's not a serious issues cause they can be deleted individually but it's a little inconvenient so maybe work on adding something like that. Other than that it's a great app
Subramanyan KS review Subramanyan KS
Moshe Sims review Moshe Sims
Best Checklist App!!!
I love this app because it does what it supposed to do. Not too fancy like all the apps that look like it does the most but missing all the Great Things this app has. I Like: • The almost Limitless Subfolders you can make • To do list reminders • The Cloud Memory this app has • The business sharing of Tasks & The Custom Icons for each MAIN task. The "BEST" Feature of this App: Almost Limitless Subfolders. Great For even doing Story Pyramids, Character builds, business Chains & all other cool stuff..
AngieLuila Bradley review AngieLuila Bradley
Not exactly what I am looking for.
I would like a task list that will automatically renew, that I don't have to uncheck each task before I can start another day. I would like it to keep track of the things I did and was not able to do on a daily basis so I can go back to look over what I have missed. I guess I am still hunting. ...Update... I know you can deselect the tasks, what I would like and find that would be helpful is, for a list to reset itself each day but not only for that reason, I would like to be able to go back on the previous days to see what I have accomplished and where I need to focus more time. If I reset the list ever morning all that I checked off is gone and I have nothing to track my progress. I do like the app I would like it more and maybe even love it if it was more what I am looking for. Thank you for your response.
Thomas Walker review Thomas Walker
Just about everything you need
I like most about this program is that you can step down in layers so that each item that is entered can be expanded on. It is very user friendly and leaves little room for error. I wish all my other programs were as well thought out as this. There is one more thing that would make this program perfect for me, and that is to have the ability to move items from one list to another checklist or sub checklist.