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Chess Master 3D Free
16.90 MB
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Chess Master 3D- is a chess game that is fun to diversify your leisure time.
Invent clever strategies and tricks to defeat your opponent.

Game Features:
- High-quality 3D models
- Set Comfortable viewing angle
- Function "Step Back" to cancel move
- Six AI Difficulty levels

Great Update v1.5.4:
- Optimized
- Fixed some issues

Chess Master 3D Free APK reviews

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It's an amazing game if you love it. If not then this game is only a boaring think . So first we should learn it then should play . Chess for me is not part time entertainment its a memorable thing for me . At last I want to say I love this game tooooo much
felix insomnifur review felix insomnifur
Its fricken terrible, bot just phases over your pieces from time to time, not letting me put pieces in valid locations, starting with some of the bots pieces from the last game still on board, the graphics are meh, controls are dodgy, camera is so slow, ads cover half the pagr. The only thing i can say which was done well was proceeding to ruin the experience of chess for me.
Anil Chahal review Anil Chahal
Crashing while opening
Can't imagine I wasted my mobile data for a such a pathetic app. Don't know why they submit their app when not able to test at least once.
Hendre Terblanche review Hendre Terblanche
Great game
Love the game, but too many ads interupting the game, played the game and a video advert covered half the screen, that's wasting data.
Ananias Letania review Ananias Letania
Nice graphics
Ads is covering the screen. Too annoying.
Mousumi Sarkar review Mousumi Sarkar
Something error occurs
I'm start game, at first fine but after a few minutes it stop like in a jam
jagan behera review jagan behera
Love ly
Can't See It
The screen is so dark you can barely make out what piece is what!
Ray Flores review Ray Flores
Too many afs
Too many ads covering the gameplay. Can't even see the opposing team pieces in 2d
Uzair shah
It is so lovely game
Ñ o
I like it much
Find Yourself review Find Yourself
Ads block the screen
Saurav Banerjee review Saurav Banerjee
Great app