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Create your own pictures by using the "Chroma-key" App.

* Features and Functions
1) Simple and understandable interface
2) Merge image and screen of camera

* Your review will help to improve the Chroma-key App.

Chroma-key APK reviews

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Louis Weiss review Louis Weiss
This app is great, but it will not let me use a photo I already took, and it will not let me use a front facing camera. Please add these features. Otherwise, its great.
A Google user review A Google user
I given it 4 ★★★★☆ because it doesnt really catch the colour of blue/green that precisely but so far this I would recommend!
sheila baxter review sheila baxter
Wouldn't do anything. Just a black screen.
Jerome nation review Jerome nation
It just showed me a black screen
Ethan Todd review Ethan Todd
This would be a perfect app if you could do videos. Please consider this idea for your next update!
Heath Walker review Heath Walker
Instead of taking a picture why can't you select one from the gallery? That's what people are looking for.
shreecreatorz woodcorwing review shreecreatorz woodcorwing
Thise app is fake
Lonely Gamer review Lonely Gamer
will give five if you can pick color and change the color tolerance, and also thank you for your amazing app.
weird emo productions review weird emo productions
But pls add a selfie mode
Peter Trast review Peter Trast
Works perfectly in the right lighting and is just fun to use
chubby s'more review chubby s'more
I whant to make videos but it only had picture make it better
Danielle Todesco review Danielle Todesco
Doesn't work
A Google user review A Google user
It didn't work
Rainbows Dashy review Rainbows Dashy
Chicken nuggets.
Naveen Kumar review Naveen Kumar
Need to remove multiple color.

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