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Make the circle jump and avoid hitting the line!

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Carrie Lynn review Carrie Lynn
Favorite game
It's great to keep your hands busy when your bored, or in an awkward situation. The races and challenges keep you entertained, and the colorful circles give the game a sense of creativity and personalization! The only things it needs now are more challenges, more races, and more (cute) circles!!
Nicholas S review Nicholas S
Every two seconds an add pops up and it's the same ad u said no to 70 thousand times already and sometimes the ad comes up but doesn't show and u click on the play again button and u have to sit there for 10 hours waiting for the ad to take u to the app store so u can hit back and it's such an aggravating experience
Gail Steilsson review Gail Steilsson
I was surprised as to how easily I got addicted to it. It reminded me a lot of Flappy Bird (another awesome game back then hahaha) but this is waaaay cooler. Your games are really tough and I love them! Keep it up, Ketchapp! ♡
Phebe Paroissien review Phebe Paroissien
Good BUT...
Its a cool game and all but when i press sometimes it dosent bounce and kills me and thats annoying so yeh and also any more ways to get dimonds that would help thx
Ashley Cox review Ashley Cox
I love this game
This game is so fun, I can't put it down. The challenges are easy and I like how they repeat instead of giving impossible challenges. The ads aren't too bad..but I did have a video ad and that sucked. So I'd appreciate it if that never happened again lol but the game is worth downloading
Richard Wisneski review Richard Wisneski
I love the game but the challenges are messed up! In one it says "break two diamonds in a game" and i did so and it said I didn't do it. I finally did it but seriously though? Great game if you don't play for challenges.
Crystal Eastwatcher review Crystal Eastwatcher
Addictive fun!
Addicted to this game and any other games by Ketchapp. Love it
Jessica Sherwin review Jessica Sherwin
Good but,
Its a really addictive game, but there is a slight delay when I tap it the circle doesn't jump plz fix it!
Justin Garcia review Justin Garcia
Worst Cheater but its good.
Lots of lags, lots of ads. When you try to concentrate it will lag or ads will pop up and you will die. And also I record one of my games and I saw that the circle or oval didn't touched the line but I still died. But I still gave 3 stars because the game got me. FIX THIS PLEASE AND ILL GIVE YOU 5 STARS.
Daisy Pearson review Daisy Pearson
Good plus hard
I really liked this game but my game has never turned black but I am sick of looking of the game of war girl she is annoying very very annoying
Ashlyn Bailey review Ashlyn Bailey
Ads..Not A Problem
Most of the reviews contain many complaints about the advertisements that show up every 5 games. But for me, it's not a problem. I rated this a 5-star because it is very addicting and fun to play.
Skyler Fitzpatrick review Skyler Fitzpatrick
Deleted my progress
The game deleted my progress... I had so many circles and was on race 15... Not cool. And the ads... It was fun but I barely play it now because I lost everything and went back to the start... 1 star?
Jeremy Vance Jr review Jeremy Vance Jr
To hard and to many ads mainly the difficulty
The game is way to hard and very addictive but in a good way .I have anger issues and since its soooo addictive I play it a lot and I get very angry and because of that my stress levels have risen way to much so in the next update please make it easier until that happens I rate ⭐good game but way to f!*#ing hard! And the game has to many ads FIX IT KETCHAPP OR ELSE just kidding I won't do anything??
Aubreahna Whiteley review Aubreahna Whiteley
Fix it
I tried to play this game but its impossible because the screen is black. Fix this bug and I will rate 5 stars.
Martina Adekoya review Martina Adekoya
I love it it's just that on challenge 3 when I have to break 2 diamonds in 1 game how do that please tell me and ads keep popping up every 2 games also some of the ads like coin dozer and save the pandas the ad IS still their but it's blank.WHY

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