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City Drift Racer 2016 APK reviews

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Jerold Tolentino review Jerold Tolentino
I am Hated This Games Because of Drift Failed Cruse You Stupid Tapinator
Change you and You Gonna Pay For That
Justin Olmeda review Justin Olmeda
Not that bad
Its too slow and glitchy but all around love drifting
theadore simon review theadore simon
Beast car game I played before
Haroon Akhter review Haroon Akhter
I like this game is sick
Keola Zaneta review Keola Zaneta
Amazing car
How to drive all the cars. And the car are amazing!!
Mdanish Khan review Mdanish Khan
Very very bad games
Tom G review Tom G
Super Drifting
Zaki Imtiaz review Zaki Imtiaz
Awesome drift game.
abdul rahman review abdul rahman
Muhammad Mohammed Hussein review Muhammad Mohammed Hussein
Don't dare download it
Matt Foster review Matt Foster
Need for better and more extreme real city drift and rims would make it more good and interesting game. Need to have tuning so i can show everyone whos the real city illegal turbo drift racing super boss. I have what it takes to climb to the top of the leaders while i leave asphalt covered in real burnout racer tracks and push my steel machine and my driver skill past no limits. Just need to make it more addicting and less boring and add paul walker car.
Jayden Bever review Jayden Bever
It's ok cool game!
Drift love
Love to drift
Marvin Tucker review Marvin Tucker
It I aweseam
Sheetal Ohol review Sheetal Ohol
Full of fun