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Eko Budiharto review Eko Budiharto
Bad idle taping game. Cannot have upgrade for auto taping even I close the app like other idle taping games.
Daisy M review Daisy M
Unfortunately I have had to give up as my fingers and arms hurt from tapping so much 😣. Would have given 5* but the downside is that you have to continually tap and I think long-term you could end up with repetitive strain injury ok there is a button for auto taps but that only lasts a minute (minus 1*). You don't earn any money when you are off line (minus 1*).
Jonathan Tse review Jonathan Tse
Great game. But I wish it had an idle button or something so it accumulates when your not playing.
cheryl Combs review cheryl Combs
Love this game! Great time killer and very simple to play!!!!
Big Dog Gaming review Big Dog Gaming
After the newest update this game went from 2 stars to 4 stars. Reason 1 was the ability to upgrade vehicles and the 2nd was the addition of more daily quest. This is one developer who cares about their customers. Game is very good and very addictive.
Tyler Pickering review Tyler Pickering
I play it for hours and lose track of the day
Oliver Parondo review Oliver Parondo
Good money
Rupert Crossland review Rupert Crossland
Great in every way apart from after a while I get tired of tapping the screen. I know there is an autotap button, but you have to earn them and autotap only works each time for 20 seconds.
MikeLust Gaming review MikeLust Gaming
After the update this game went from 5 stars to 2 stars. Reason 1 the bonuses of the festival dropped before update level 11 had up to 6x and now its 4x max. The restart from bank gives less hearts. I am sorry but updates are not supposed to make the game suck. But this update ruined some of the game.
TJ review TJ
It's alright.. . But the English is awful. Lol
Cayden Oakham review Cayden Oakham
Carmen Lizee review Carmen Lizee
Carson Powell review Carson Powell
Its good but i get really annoyed when i have to restart the city
Milan Gardner review Milan Gardner
I think it is a lovely game ?
Great, a game where you continuously tap the screen. I feel like whoever developed this game has no idea what a game or phone is. They just see other people tapping away and think that's all you have to do. Right now this game is rated 4.1, I have a feeling 4.0 of this score has been bots.