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Clash of Battleships - COB
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Latest Update
-Illustrated Captain handbook
-New Seven Warlords multiplayer system unlocked
-New Treasure Islands unlocked for soloplay
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“If you like war games, download it! Won’t let you down!”

From fast destroyers to destructive battleships, build your own fleet and lead your empire to victory! Send your fleet off to conquer enemy territories, gain experience and climb the ranks in Age of Ships. Battle against players around the world and establish legions to conquer the world!
A network connection is also required.

Conquer the world in campaign mode
Build and raise your fleet of Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, Carriers and other ships throughout history
Battle other players worldwide and take their Armaments
Join or create Legions with other players
Over 200 Warships throughout history and their Armaments to collect
Discover your best Fleet Formation from endless combinations of weaponry, armor, engines, and more
Participate in the Pacific War with your faction and win unique prizes
Climb multiple rank systems and be the best in Age of Ships

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Clash of Battleships - COB APK reviews

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Good time killer
I like this game but my app crashed and wont open anymore
Yulisa Ovalle review Yulisa Ovalle
Good animation !
Everything with the animation and history is totally extraordinary. But it need more action .
Sean Oneil review Sean Oneil
City. Bases. Castle
All I see of these games are city building games added too really good warrior games. I want a game where I'm not expected to be the God who designs the world, the Mayor who takes care of the city, the general that builds an army, a warrior that leads men into battle, AND the warrior. That's way too much stuff. During WW2 Hitler tried most of that......Eisenhower was given an army, and he kicked ass. Even in the Pacific.....the warriors were given the tools to use. IE dump the base. Plz
Gary Davies review Gary Davies
boring as hell. No control of the battle
steven williams review steven williams
Name changed
So this is former age of ships. They have kept all the servers but wiped peoples accounts, as a result i have lost a lot of money that i had spent on the game and all my orange ships and some 30+ levels....
Arthur Cortright review Arthur Cortright
Why? The game plays itself. I'm level 11, never lost a battle and really have no idea what I'm doing.
Eliab Uriarte review Eliab Uriarte
Thought this game would let me actually countroll my fleet, but ended up being the same as other games.
Len Readle review Len Readle
Worst game i ever played
Boring as hell