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Clash of Battleships - COB
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From fast destroyers to destructive battleships, build your own fleet and lead your empire to victory! Send your fleet off to conquer enemy territories, gain experience, and climb the ranks in Age of Ships. Battle against players around the world and create legions to conquer the world!

- Conquer the world in campaign mode.

- Build and raise your fleet of Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, Carriers, and other historical ships.

- Battle other players worldwide and take their Armaments

- Join or create Legions with other players.

- Over 200 historical warships and their Armaments to collect.

- Discover your best Fleet Formation from endless combinations of weaponry, armor, engines, and more.

- Participate in the Pacific War with your faction and win unique prizes.

- Climb multiple rank systems and be the best in Age of Ships.

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Clash of Battleships - COB APK reviews

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Good time killer
I like this game but my app crashed and wont open anymore
Yulisa Ovalle review Yulisa Ovalle
Good animation !
Everything with the animation and history is totally extraordinary. But it need more action .
Daniel Chappell review Daniel Chappell
Great game that i've enjoyed countless hours in and even decided to spend a little spare cash for a boost getting through levels faster. Game support is useless, however. After a recent update, many players lost access to their accounts and i've personally been waiting on a reply from the game's system operator team for over a week now, to no avail. Solid 4 of a game, but i can't give any game that doesn't take care of its player base a high rating.
Lee Simmonds review Lee Simmonds
Been playing two days game seems severly loaded in favour of the AI but hey thats life. However been unable to log ib for the last 12 hours as my android app keeps telling me its stopped. Coupled with it crashing regularly is a little disappointing at times
Alex Pompu review Alex Pompu
So pissed off! No Christmas events at all, no update worth talking about in months, at least 4 buttons that have no function, and this is just a few of the issues!! Come on you jerks! Give us an update or I'm done. Seriously. Do you even care about this game since you bought it? Obviously not. The previous company was awesome! You just suck.
Jeff Miller review Jeff Miller
Love the game however I keep getting a game has stopped working error. Every time this has happened I have to uninstall and install again. Very frustrating and have so much missed chances. At least it has saved my info Every time and I have not had to start over yet, knock on wood!
Christopher Jennings review Christopher Jennings
For the third time I have lost an account I spent a lot of time and a good amount of money on - 99th lv this time around and this time it wasn't because my phone died. The app just made my account vanish. Love the game but customer service is nonexistent, I'm done.
robert Coon review robert Coon
All through it is only middle of September. We are playing Christmas themed events. I am deleting this game right now because either they don't care or the running out of ideas keep this game exciting.
Jeep Life review Jeep Life
This game never works and customer service sucks I've sent multiple emails that my game won't work they have yet to respond it's been 3 weeks. I have over $50 invested in this game it seems like they could care less uninstall
Steve Yovan review Steve Yovan
Game has potential but it gives an error on a daily basis that it has stopped working. Only solution was to uninstall and reinstall. Additionally you can't move the game to an sd card and as it is around 180mB it takes up a lot of storage.
reytrixx tamang review reytrixx tamang
Please fix the internet,performance,bug there are so many problem in this game especially internet,and I'm from philippines
Paul Mazurowski review Paul Mazurowski
I keep getting verification fail I can't log in to collect my newbie rewards or my daily events and missions
Allan Wong review Allan Wong
I like this game but my app crashed and wont open anymore
Ioan Man review Ioan Man
Last update crashed the game for good. It had bugs before and after the last update it stopped working
Akarawat Uraisin review Akarawat Uraisin
It crash on the opening credit. If I reinstall it everything will be list and i will need to start all over again!!!!!