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VoLTz Dayz review VoLTz Dayz
Feels quite cheap, especially compared to games like Clash of Clans. Just another money making scheme.
Galaxyz Unicorn review Galaxyz Unicorn
If can buy GREAT SAGE wif rings.I give 5 Stars......
Slyvester Yun review Slyvester Yun
Bad for new version
This game auto close after 10 minit play
Nevin Teasdale review Nevin Teasdale
Love this game. Everything I like about the game is what others of it type lack.
Miguel Primero review Miguel Primero
One of the best games
I was thinking what this game it was the same as clash of clans but i was wrong
Vayne Raze review Vayne Raze
cannot download
i had try so many time but still cannot install it,it said cannot install , only happen after the new update, please fix it now i still cannot download it please fix it.
Federico Dominguez review Federico Dominguez
love it
I love the game so bad that I would Mary the game if it is a girl
Brian Huddleston review Brian Huddleston
Good game
One of the best I played
jesse jones review jesse jones
Was good
Wish there was a little more stradegy
Reynald Natividad review Reynald Natividad
Really fun
DARIUS van vuuren review DARIUS van vuuren
great game but clash of clans is better
Currie Packer review Currie Packer
Good game
I enjoy paying clash of lords two and time I am on my phone I am playing this game
Tu Chi Hung review Tu Chi Hung
Join this game and make friend now!
megan roberts review megan roberts
best game ever!
i love this game but now that they have private chat no one uses channel that is the only way to get a bf or girl friend:(
mogorotan tii review mogorotan tii
Can't install the new verision ..