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james Wong review james Wong
People need to learn hpw to play football, people keep using the stupidest stuff on big enemies. The football one is noy with tower the archer princess wont kill anything big in that game. Please learn your character attacks.
Marco Perez review Marco Perez
Screen issues for S8+. Forced zoom makes the game look terrible. The aspect ratio on the S8+ makes the forced full screen cut off a good chunk of the game screen and makes it hard to play. Fix plz!
Isaac Solis review Isaac Solis
Some miner set backs
Good game but would be better if you can open more than one chest at a time also with the card and coin system it would be better if you where able to get the cards you want faster
Julio C Olvera review Julio C Olvera
As promised, here I change my review back to 5 *. They just fixed a bug where phones like LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy S8 wouldn't be able to play the game since the screen ratio was wrong. Loving it now!
Armand Vermeulen review Armand Vermeulen
Fun full of fun
It Is clash of fopping clans in a strategy game. But it is something new but I would have liked it if they actally gave new characters in other words not CoC or boom beach.
jason tan review jason tan
The suck server in this world
Just repair your server make sure i can put the troop when my elixor is full !! Some time my elixor is full and i try to choose some card but i cant put the troop out !! I hope that problem will not repeat again when i am playing , so please don't get that problem!!!
Nice and addictive.GREAT game
The idea of it is really fun the graphics are good and the content with achievements and battles is reasonable. You just need to know when you're tilting so you can stop and continue advancing. AWESOME game.
Tom Siby review Tom Siby
good game...but still needs some more balancing
i hav been plyaing since last february....but still (lvl 9) o didnt get any legendary cards....my opponents( arena 7) hav 1 or 2 legendary cards..... except this..i m satisfied by thr game.....n developers do give good updates...so its not at all boring
John Chris Pingol review John Chris Pingol
A bit unbalanced above Arena 7
Cards at Arena 7 and above are unbalanced, specially Royal Giant, I think he needs downgrade on Range or Damage or HP. Overall gameplay is good and fast-paced. Well done, well played.
Marius Tita review Marius Tita
Ok but not that great
The game is nice overall. But chest opening takes too much time, and there is no xp when winning games while all chest slots are full
Roy Collins review Roy Collins
Great family fun
I play coc and boom been playing them for about 4 yrs now I love being able to battle my kids on clash royale . We have running records of battling eachother..Great Game!!!
Davis Phetlakhone review Davis Phetlakhone
Game rating
Great game. Only thing I got to ask is. Why take 3 to 8 hours to open chest lol
Erik Hildebrandt review Erik Hildebrandt
Pay to win.
I played for a long time. There is no advancement without money.. if you dont have $500 to put into the game, you will always be bottom of the ladder. Dont get this game, let them balance card rarity first. Legendary cards make the game unfair. Not worth playing. Additionally, the servers suck.. i play exclusively on wifi at 4 different locations on 2 different devices and i cant make it through 3 rounds without disconnecting mid fight... which equals a loss.
jom reyes review jom reyes
Pay to win game. Plus the matchmaking is rigged. Most of the time you are matched against higher tower levels and with strong cards. So in order for you to rise up in trophies, you need to purchase gems. Hence pay to win app by supercell....
Pawan Sharma review Pawan Sharma
Pay to win
I can't stop hitting the brickwall again again. It is the trophies amount that I can't reach further and I have to battle 2 level players above me and have to win from there higher level cards to gain trophies need matchmaking and tourney update fast or I will unintall the win all of my friends

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