Classic Ring Games and Tournaments APK

Classic Ring Games and Tournaments
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This is a free-to-play app with classic tournaments and ring games

Classic Ring Games and Tournaments APK reviews

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Micah Stanford review Micah Stanford
Incompatible with Lux Lite
Steve Kelsey review Steve Kelsey
Absolutely shite
Ted Helm review Ted Helm
Yashar Karimi review Yashar Karimi
Steve Lugo Sosa review Steve Lugo Sosa
Poker star
Ryan Strahan review Ryan Strahan
Smooth and fun
Easy to inderstand, good flow, and is the most entertaining app I own.
Sumanta Dutta review Sumanta Dutta
The best poker site and app
I am playing here for 10+ years and that should say all!
Christopher Pittman review Christopher Pittman
Bout time.
Like the site.. Play only.... Only thing is its still bingo poker stars.... But u win and lose with it so..... I don't the way they did there US n Canadian players.
Michael Stone review Michael Stone
Just for fun.
Takes a while to find your way around this app. The bad beats are still there and no matter how good your hand is, you'll still get beat. I do enjoy playing as it passes the time away but you'd have to be crazy to pay for chips as you cannot win cash. Just for fun! Be prepared to get beaten by the river card more than in real play. Just got my winning hand taken away before i even had a chance to bet. Not impressed, uninstalling.
Nicholas Bennett review Nicholas Bennett
I be in the middle of a game and it kicks me out, and after several attempts to log back in I can finally get logged in again
seth letarte review seth letarte
Poker Star Lite
Good game. But how do you find out how many chips you have, profile?
Eddie Sanjuanelo review Eddie Sanjuanelo
Cool app
Wonderful app to kill the time enjoying with a cool game
Teresa Carabello review Teresa Carabello
And this is why this game sucks!!!
Start punishing people that swear in language other than english! Double standards here! Have a game where u can only speak English!! All u do is tell them to speak english, theres no punishment when they swear in other languages but for americans we get our chat turned off!? Figure it out and make it fair!!!!!
mike orth review mike orth
Great way to play poker online. I wish that the countdown timer was more accurate when players use up their time.
Brandon C review Brandon C
app takes over entire phone. back button constantly tries to swindle you into buying more " play chips " with real money. haha! plus volume settings are non existent. awful!