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Clean Cache - Optimize
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Clean Cache - Optimize is an android system tool which can clean useless application cache files ,it could save your phone disk space and make your phone speed up. One click clean cache .More than 4,500,000 users use it clean cache , more than 200000 ratings! The best clean cache tool!

[What is Application Cache Files]

Application Cache Files are temporary files created by applications. For example, when browser visit a web page, it will save the image files as cache files. These cache files are not useful when app ends, so you need a system tool help you clean these old cache files. Often clean cache , is a good habit, it could save your disk space and make your phone speed up.With Clean Cache - Optimize , you can clean cache by just one click , the easiest clean cache app.

[Feature of Clean Cache - Optimize]

★ One-Click clean system cache
★ Fastest scan cache speed
★ Sort apps by cache size or name
★ Reminder clean cache
★ Two display style (app name + cache size or cache size only)
★ Two theme (cool black and clean white)
★ Helpful item menu(Open,Manage,Playstore Page,uninstall)
★ More features are coming soon

[About Permissions of Clean Cache - Optimize]

All permissions required by this app are used for implement clean cache function or required by ad ,this app has a 4.5 average rating based >4500000 users and >200000 ratings ,so please don't worry about permissions ,my apps won't do anything besides help you clean cache.

[About AD]


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Clean Cache - Optimize APK reviews

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Seth Shapiro review Seth Shapiro
Great cleaner. Ads are not a problem.
Ron Best review Ron Best
Does the job.
Not annoying. Expected ad pop ups but frees up space in your phone.
Richard Slone review Richard Slone
Deleting app
Works well but loud audio on full page ads is over the top and very intrusive. If this isn't corrected soon I'll be deleting the app.
Excellent app. I liked it very much.
Fantastic Journey review Fantastic Journey
Love the app.. Ìve had no issues.
Louise Hayes review Louise Hayes
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Great app, clears cache quickly & notifys you when cache needs clearing, cheers team Bazinga :)
Pat Price review Pat Price
Works well quick n easy like usain bolt
Richard Estrada review Richard Estrada
Continous being Excellent.
Anurag Sharma review Anurag Sharma
Very Effective
Works like magic
jo min review jo min
Sick of the pop ups!!!! Dump it! got a diff cleaner
Courtenay Brown review Courtenay Brown
Not sure
Not sure if it really works...
donita nagaraj review donita nagaraj
Very useful app
isabella ionescu review isabella ionescu
Too many ads!
Aidan OLeary review Aidan OLeary
Quite good
But the ads are too intrusive.
Kristina King review Kristina King
Samsung Galaxy S4, Thanks