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This calculator allows you to easily handle all the calculations necessary for everyday life with a single application. A calculator app with a clean interface and practical functions!

List of calculators currently supported:

1. General Calculator
• Supports the four fundamental arithmetic operations, square, formula's parenthesis, and simple scientific operations such as trigonometric and logarithmic functions.
• Quick and easy.
• Possible to modify the formula during the input.
• History available.

2. Unit Converter
• Supports length, weight, width, volume, time, temperature, pressure, speed, fuel efficiency, and the amount of data.
• Supports all unit conversions commonly used in everyday life.

3. Currency Converter
• Supports 117 currencies in the world, including dollar, euro, yen, yuan, etc.
• Automatically calculates using the real time exchange rate.

4. Discount Calculator
• Get a discount price by entering the original price and the discount rate.

5. World Time Converter
• Transforms the time of 400 or more cities around the world.
• Daylight savings time will also be reflected in this calculation.

6. GPA Calculator
• You can correctly calculate your GPA!

7. Ovulation Calculator
• Calculates the time of ovulation and fertility using the menstrual cycle!
• You can also create notes by date.

8. Date Calculator
• A feature that calculates the specific date or anniversary to be remembered!

9. Unit Price Calculator
• Enter the price and the quantity and you will get the unit price.
• You can compare unit prices of various goods.

10. Health Calculator
• You can measure the body mass index (BMI) and the basal metabolic rate (BMR).

11. Fuel Efficiency Calculator
• Enter the amount of fuel used to get the fuel efficiency.

12. Automobile Fuel Cost Calculator
• You can calculate the fuel costs required for driving a car or traveling.
• Enter a distance and a fuel efficiency to get a fuel cost.

13. Hexadecimal Converter
• Converts between decimal and hexadecimal with ease and convenience.

14. Sales Tax Calculator
• Get a total price by entering the original price and the tax rate.

15. Loan Calculator
• You can calculate the total interest and total payments by entering the loan principal and interest rate.

16. Savings Calculator
• If you enter deposit amount, interest rate and time period, the interest after tax and final savings balance will be calculated.

17. Tip Calculator
• The tip amount to be added will be automatically calculated if you enter the billing amount and tip percent.
• There is a function not to calculate tips on tax.
• You may calculate the amount per person by dividing final amount by the number of people.

[ Disclaimer ]
Cleveni Inc. makes no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability or suitability of any calculation results or information provided through the ClevCalc app. Cleveni Inc. is not also responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, which may occur by the calculation results or information provided through the ClevCalc app.

ClevCalc - Calculator APK reviews

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Iain Thomson review Iain Thomson
Count on it
niten pradhan review niten pradhan
Best app
It's the most useful and handy app ever. Kudos to the developers.
Ibeakanma Godfrey review Ibeakanma Godfrey
Very lovable.
Very clever, very intelligent, very versatile.
Zack Feko review Zack Feko
Good stuff
Works perfectly well in multiple capacities.
Z1 Reddy review Z1 Reddy
Must have app
It have all the features we use in daily life with simple interface.. Great app
A Google user review A Google user
Unfortunately Armenian Dram (AMD) is missing in the Currency Exchange, which makes it much less useful for me. Other similar apps have it covered. Update: thanks for adding as promised. 5 stars now.
Meechan Wong review Meechan Wong
It was easy to use. I like it. Have not master to use other funtions yet. Did not understand the questions on "mirror image", "organizational tools". etc.... No help to your feedback.
Christopher Ramos review Christopher Ramos
Best calculator app on the market by a long shot. Easy access to calculation history, multiple built-in themes, starts quickly and very responsive. You've tried the rest, now try the best :)
Gillian Hargreaves review Gillian Hargreaves
I like the app better/more functions than most calculators. Wondering where you get your daily exchange rates from ?
Naeem Shafeeque review Naeem Shafeeque
It would be better if developer adds Features of "Tap Calculator". In which we can easily right short narrations of every transaction. We can say diary calculater must be there. In next release.
Alison Goddard review Alison Goddard
Just what is needed, does percentage calcs which phone supplied one doesn't, also weights measures and temps, fabulous!
Scotty Jones review Scotty Jones
Great app, would be 5 stars if the unit converter had "Stone (St)" under the weight measurements section.
Parth Uttarwar review Parth Uttarwar
Its a good all in one calculator it can be more better if u add a text note option
Jim Lomas review Jim Lomas
Great easy to use calculator with all the bells and whistles! Large easy to read buttons.
A Google user review A Google user
I love this great multi use calculator. It has tip, discount and b.m.i. calculator.